Your Educational Autobiography essay
Essay #1: Narrative Essay-- Where are you going, where have you been? Your Educational Autobiography This is your first FORMAL ESSAY ASSIGNMENT. That means this assignment will be: 1. Typed with 12 point Times New Roman Font 2. 4 pages in length 3. Formatted in MLA with a Works Cited Page Essay Writing Prompt: Tell me the story of your educational history—the journey you’ve been on, the good, the bad, how you have felt about yourself as a learner in your past schooling, whether you had a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. Paint me a picture; make it detailed. Some things I’d like you to include: • Describe one particularly good experience you’ve had in your past education and tell me about why it was good. (This may be in any subject, including trade or general life experience ) • Describe one particularly bad experience you’ve had in previous education and tell me why it was bad • Talk about how the ideas in Carol S. Dweck’s “Brainology • ” relate to your educational experience (not just in English classes). In what ways have you been praised or rewarded for being talented or successful vs. being praised for hard work and effort? You must cite quotes from Dweck’s essay—you may also cite quotes from our other readings • You should also discuss the essay about 4 types of mistakes • Please include some of your past experiences with academic reading and writing. If you like doing these things, why do you? If you don’t, why not? Do you feel confident in these areas? Do you feel a desire to master reading and writing skills? • What are some of the obstacles that you must overcome to be successful in this class? How will you accomplish that? • Close by bringing me up to the present. Can you find a connection between mastering English skills and your ultimate academic goals? A reading you might find relevant is "Shitty First Drafts" by Anne Lamott. -research paper writing service