WRTG WEEK 4 essay

To: Joe Smith, HR Business Partner of Naval Aviation Company

From: Renee Ermer, Program Analyst

Date: February 17, 2020

Subject: Request to Conduct Research on Communication Techniques and Alternatives


As a cleared government contractor supporting the Navy, we have many employees working in different office locations or from remote locations exercising telework. Because of such, communication between employees is limited to email or teleconferences in which employees cannot collaborate and communicate to the fullest as our program demands. To improve this, I propose that the company enforce new policies in which employees can only telework on approved bases, subjecting employees to participate in a traditional environment. Additionally, in order to solve issues related to workers in different locations within the same city, I propose that the company develop a company-wide instant messaging (IM) software and enforce new policies requiring each team and program to have a weekly face-to-face meeting in which employees can engage with one another and establish working relationships.

What the Problem Is and Why It Needs to Be Investigated

The problem we are facing as a company is that employees are becoming detached and uninterested or invested in their work as they do not have a cohesive location and often cannot communicate with co-workers effectively. This is not to say that telework should be prohibited, more so that remote work should be used as an alternative when employees need flexibility outside of the traditional work environment. This poses many issues to the company. First, it is our role as government contractors to satisfy our government customers to maintain contracts and business. Without effective communication and cooperation, we cannot provide the support required to our customers and we run the risk of losing contracts and losing business and revenue.

Secondly, this poses a problem to the company in that employees are not engaging with one another on a daily or regular basis. Instances in which employees do not establish working relationships with one another often result in decreased job satisfaction and increased employee turnover in which the company is constantly hiring new workers and investing funds to train new employees.

It is essential that employees feel appreciated and heard in their concerns in the workplace. It is also crucial that employees can effectively complete the jobs required of them, which in our industry, required constant communication and contact with one another and other team members. Frequent turnover is not only a problem to the company, but also presents a bad representation of the company to our customers when they are frequently engaging with new individuals as personnel leave.

What Secondary Research I Have Conducted about the Problem

Secondary research that I have conducted on the problem has revolved around the issues telework poses in creating distance barriers that bar effective communication. Many scholars and studies support the notion that telework limits employees and managers from developing relationships that are impactful on promoting increased collaboration in the workplace. Additionally, studies suggest that face-to-face communication directly leads to increased productivity and innovation in work as employees are more likely to engage in conversations that would be limited on virtual platforms. To promote constant collaboration and teamwork, employees need to have a platform that provides constant communication as well as regular team meetings and in-person contact.

Why We Will Benefit from My Research and Recommendations

Our company will benefit in many ways from the research that I will perform on the issues. Through my research, the HR Department will get a better understanding of the concerns that employees have related to communication issues. Additionally, the company will be able to gauge the satisfaction that we are giving our government customers and ways in which we can improve to serve them better and better perform our goals. Additionally, my research will reveal techniques that can improve employee communication and ultimately improve working relationships and boost employee morale. As a company, we can always benefit from keeping talent in our company and further investing in employees that have been loyal to our cause and efforts. My recommendations will allow the HR Department, as well as Business Partners, to consider the repercussions of failing to enforce relevant policies related to communication and work techniques.


The Naval Aviation Company is a growing organization that is currently facing problems related to distance between employees and lacking methods of improving communication techniques. As a company, we are always striving to attain more government contracts demanding more workers, and we cannot continue to grow without addressing communication concerns. With your permission, I will conduct research on implementing a company-wide communication system and show the benefits of enforcing policies pertaining to in-person meetings and team events.

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