Posted: February 10th, 2022

The student will be complete in their assessment and use at least one outside source when answering each question

The student will be complete in their assessment and use at least one outside source when answering each question. An outside source is another source other than your text. Please do not use direct quotes, or word-for-word from the text, from articles, or any other source.

Very Important: Regarding the case studies, I am very interested in you identifying the correct answers, but I am equally interested in how you arrived at these responses. It is important in the case study questions that you clearly demonstrate your knowledge of how you got to the answers you have. In other words, validate your comments.

On all assignments, please do not use direct quotes, or word-for-word from the text, from articles, or any other sources. Please number and write the questions from answering them

I want to suggest that you download a plagiarism checker to check your work before submitting it. There are numerous choices online. I use two different kinds of plagiarism detectors that I submit all assignments through.

Chapters 7 -11


1. Your organization (an American Manufacturer) is considering going abroad. After careful consideration,the organization has determined two finalists for its global expansion; China or Japan. Your organization has determined that the product that the company manufacturers would be a good fit in either country. The question your organization is pondering is which country would be a better fit from an external/industry environment perspective as well as a cultural perspective. Based on the text and outside research, identify and compare cultural similarities and differences as well as external/industry factors between China or Japan and determine which country would be a good cultural fit for your American organization?

2. Consider the following scenario. This is not factual. This is a scenario. American Airlines is considering purchasing Sun Country Airlines. Sun Country has indicated they are willing to sell the organization for a discounted premium amount. After months of discussion, the discounted premium amount has ranged from eight to twenty-two percent. Two weeks ago, American Airlines agreed to purchase Sun Country Airlines for the discounted premium amount of twelve percent. Currently, Sun Country Airline’s stock price is $14, and they have 12,200,000 shares of outstanding stock.

Based on the data provided, what is the amount American will buy Sun Country for? Show the


3. For Week Seven, the positioning video discusses how an organization wants its product or service to be seen by the public and in particular, the organization’s target market. Consider the Campbell’s Soup and the large Philadelphia warehouse. What was the intent of the owner in this process? What did he determine in this process? What was the outcome of this study? Had you have been the owner and received the results that were received, would you create a new strategy with a nice price structure

4. Marketing is a very important aspect in business. Furthermore, if the marketing mix is not conducive to the target market, the product or service will fail. Consider the following scenario and (1) identify a target market (consider the segments of demographics, geographic, behavioristics, and psychographic), (2) explain where you would have the product sold (store or other outlets), (3) promotions and promoters you would use, and (4) how you would position the product. In your marketing efforts, you have a marketing budget of $5 Million. The product you will market is the following:

· Michael Kors – Mercer Gallery Extra-Small Logo Crossbody Bag

· High quality

· $250

5. You have a business you are considering selling. There are several ways to determine the firms worth. Based on the following data, which method would merit you the most for your business.

· 2018 annual profits were $2,500,000

· Your current stock is 38.00 per share

· There are 42,000 outstanding shares of stock.

· Your stock has earned $14 this past year, and

· Average net income over five years $750,000

Consider in this calculation the Price/Ratio Method, outstanding share method, and the conservative rule of thumb. Show your work for each of these methods and identify, based on your work, which method yield you the most for your business.


When answering each question, the student will be thorough in their judgment and will use at least one outside source. An outside source is a source that is not your text. Please do not use verbatim quotes or word-for-word paraphrases from the book, articles, or other sources.

Important: In regards to the case studies, I am very interested in you recognizing the proper answers, but I am also very interested in how you arrived at these solutions. It is critical that you clearly exhibit your knowledge of how you arrived at your responses in the case study questions. To put it another way, authenticate your comments.

Please do not use direct quotes or word-for-word paraphrases from the book, articles, or other sources in any of your work. Please include a number.

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