Notice of Motion

Notice of Motion


After the Summons and Complaint have been served upon the defendant, documents can be sent to the defendant via U.S. Mail. Using Times New Roman 12 font, draft a letter to our defendant in the Course Project stating that we are sending a Notice of Motion (a legal document outlining when the hearing is, the location of the courthouse, and what the plaintiff is asking of the court) and an Affidavit to them. Many times, paralegals will use the words “Enclosed please find ….”. In the second paragraph tell them the court date time and where the court is located. In the third paragraph give them your contact information. Make sure to address the following:

-Use the full block letter style (SEE ATTACHMENT)
-You may make up a letterhead at the top of the letter that is centered on the page giving the law firm’s name and address.
-When you have enclosures (such as the legal documents we are sending) you will either use Enclosure for one document or Enclosures for more than one document. Another style is to type Enc. 2 (or the number of enclosures you have included with the letter). Please see the example in the full block letter example.

Your letter should be at least one page.
Kinsey Law Offices
323 Main Street, 2nd Flow.
Seal Beach, CA 90740

September 11, 2020

Mr. Jonshon M. Mount
4524 St. Peter’s Street
Olivia Park
California – 554466

Dear Mr. Mount:

Re: Notice of Motion to Appear for Hearing
This letter is to inform you of the notice of motion to appear for the hearing of the case brought against you by our client. Our client, who is the plaintiff strike the motion to ask the court to order payment of damages suffered from the accident involving a car you were driving.
Please take notice that on September 25, 2020, at 10:00 AM, or as soon thereafter the matter will be heard, in Small Claim Division of the California Central District Court, located at Pasadena, California.
We look forward to your corporation. For further information please conduct as through the telephone number; 02 222 111, or email; “Enclosed please find the Affidavit”.

Very truly yours,

Eugene E. Kinsey
Attorney at Law



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