Posted: February 10th, 2022

Long Distance Relationships

Reference Your Sources: Reference all your sources using APA Style of Writing. Be sure to cite all your sources in the text and list each source in your reference list at the end of your paper. Attach copies of the articles you referenced, copies of the home page of the web sites you referenced, and summaries of the books you referenced.

Point of View Papers Objective: In your work with clients, you will encounter many different value systems that are contrary to your own. It is imperative that you are aware of your personal belief system and are able to respect the values others may hold based upon their experiences. Directions: For both required POV papers, choose one question from the list below and complete a 2-3 page paper arguing both possible opposing responses. Consider factors that may influence an individual’s belief system such as religion, culture, family, personal experience etc. and identify examples for each factor. In your conclusion, discuss the level of difficulty you experienced in supporting the response that was contrary to your personal belief system. Each paper will be worth a maximum of 10 points. Late submissions will not be accepted!

Please submit POV papers with a cover sheet which includes your question and three clearly stated points to support both sides of the argument (There should be a total of 6 points with 3 for each side). These clearly identified points should be reflected throughout your paper as you argue in favor of each side of the question.

Rubric: 10 Points Possible

2 Two clearly opposing arguments demonstrating support for both sides of the topic.

2 Self-Reflection related to the level of difficulty responding to the POV that opposed your personal belief system.

4 Writing (clarity, grammar/spelling)

2 Oral Presentation Presentations: Week 4 (2/18/222) and Week 8 (3/18/22)

1. Is it appropriate for women to propose?

2. Can men and women maintain a close “platonic” friendship?

3. Do partners deserve a second chance when infidelity was an issue in the relationship?

4. Are “open relationships” healthy for couples?

5. Does sex before marriage negatively impact the relationship?

6. Does living together before marriage impact the relationship?

7. If everything is “all good” in the relationship, does taking it to the next level

(engagement/marriage) change the dynamic?

8. Should prenuptial agreements be mandatory when there is a significant difference in


9. Should couples marry if a child is conceived through the union?

10. Can money buy happiness in a relationship?

11. Does interracial dating interfere with a couple’s ability to sustain a healthy relationship?

12. Should couples who are separated be able to date?

13. Is it acceptable for the woman to be the provider in the relationship?

14. Is it acceptable for the man to be a stay at home parent?

15. Can couples enjoy thriving relationship if they have different religious beliefs?

16. Should the woman be required to change or add or husband’s last name after


17. Should the decision to not wear your ring be an issue in the relationship?

18. If one partner wants to be married and the other is in no rush, should the desiring

partner wait?

19. If the male is clear in communicating that he doesn’t want children and the woman

becomes pregnant, should the male be responsible for being part of the child’s life

beyond his financial obligation?

20. Does a partner’s prior sexual experience create false expectations in a new


21. Would it impact your current relationship if you knew your partner cheated in their

previous relationship?

22. Are long distance relationships sustainable?

23. If a child was conceived through an act of infidelity, should the non-cheating partner

remain in the relationship?

24. Does the type of career an individual has impact the relationship?

25. Should couples maintain a joint account?

26. Are arranged marriages healthy and successful unions?

27. Is there ever a justifiable reason not to disclose mental/physical health issues and/or

status of a non-life-threatening STI?

28. Should the male always be responsible to pay for the first few dates?

29. Should your significant other be obligated to assist in child support payments?

30. Student Choice- Must be approved (in advance) by the instructor.

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