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Introdcution To Health Care

HSC 0003, Health Care Career Paper (Rev. 7/2021,DF)
Health Care Career Paper Instructions
HSC 0003, Introduction to Healthcare
Health Sciences and Related Studies
Medical Campus
Miami Dade College
The purpose of this paper is for students to research, learn, and write about specific elements of a
health care worker’s career. For this paper, you will explore different areas of your health care
1) Job Description
2) Education/Registration/Certification
3) Job Outlook and Employment
4) Professional Activities
To this end, you will conduct a personal interview with a Health Care Professional of your choice
in order to get an “inner-view” into this career. Your paper will conclude with a reflection section
where you write out your short-term and long-term personal career plan in narrative form.
You will be graded on certain elements for each section, so make sure to understand and carefully
follow the scoring rubric for this paper as well as the information in this document. The Miami
Dade College Medical Campus Library has resources which can assist you with your research and
citing needs.
HSC 0003, Health Care Career Paper (Rev. 7/2021,DF)
 The required format is APA 7th edition
 The paper is to be neat and well organized using correct spelling and grammar.
It is highly recommended to use Microsoft Word.
 Students should use the information and resources located on the
MDC Learning Resources Website at
There you will click on the corresponding tabs for each section of the paper to
find resources. You will also find a tab for APA 7th edition information and a
Word Template for you to use for this paper.
 A Cover Page
 All pages are numbered
 Body of the paper is one to two paragraphs per section
 Length of the body of the paper is three to four pages
 Times New Roman 12-point font
 One inch margins, double-space, left justification
 No lists, bullets, graphics, tables or pictures
 Work is to be expressed in paragraph form only
 Reference Page
o The title is References not Works Cited or Bibliography
o Indicate the exact source of the specific information used in the paper by
citing all references on the reference page. Don’t neglect to include the
in-text citations as well.
o Only references cited in the paper (the in-text citations) are to be
included on the reference page. o Include a minimum of 5 different
sources of information (books, professional journal articles, electronic
sources, websites, etc.).
o Wikipedia is not acceptable as a reference
HSC 0003, Health Care Career Paper (Rev. 7/2021,DF)
The health care career paper is to be the student’s original work. Plagiarism is the improper
borrowing of another person’s words, ideas, or methods. If you use another person’s material,
you must acknowledge your source. When you cite a source properly, you have given credit to
the authors of the information. Also, in citing, you give your readers a way to locate the original
material. Note that copying material directly without placing it between quotation marks, even if
you provide the source, is an act of plagiarism.
HSC 0003, Health Care Career Paper (Rev. 7/2021,DF)
15% of overall course grade
CONTENT AND APA CITATION (90% of written paper grade)
• Describe the care/service provided by the healthcare professional
• Describe the limits of authority and responsibility – legislated “scope of practice” for
this health care career
• Describe the “Code of Ethics” for this health care occupation
• Describe the educational requirements for the profession/occupation
• Identify at least two different educational institutions/schools offering the program.
• State how much time it takes to complete the program
• Describe the approximate cost for each of the educational institutions
• What is the minimum degree or certification that can be earned for this health care
• Identify the professional certification or registration required
• What is the job availability for this profession? How many jobs are expected to
become available?
• Growth trends in the field: How much is the profession growing?
• Number of jobs advertised locally for example in the Sunday Herald or other
• Is experience required for the jobs? How much? Explain.
• Salaries – Entry level and with experience
• Advancement opportunities, two or more, with or without additional education
HSC 0003, Health Care Career Paper (Rev. 7/2021,DF)
• Local, State or National Professional Organization and cost to join as a student.
• Professional journal with publication address and cost.
• Are Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) required for this profession? How many and
how often?
• Describe two or more ways (not course subjects), that members of a professional
organization can gain continuing education requirements and earn CEUs
• Identify a health care professional in your chosen career.
• Conduct an interview with the health care professional (in-person by phone or virtually).
• How would they describe a typical day at work?
• What advice would they give you as you enter the profession?
• Reflect on how you see yourself “fitting” into this profession. What are your
attributes, experiences or influences?
• Describe your personal career plan. How do you plan to enter this field?
Include goals, objectives and strategies.
(10% of written paper grade)
• At least 5 substantial references are used. They may include: books; professional journal
articles; and web sites.
• All references are correctly cited on the Reference page in correct APA 7th ed format.
• Well organized, with each section containing appropriate content • Double spaced, 12-pt
font size, 1” margins.
• Body of paper 3 – 4 pages with separate cover page and reference page.
• Correct spelling and grammar.


1 HSC 0003, Paper on Health Care Careers (Rev. 7/2021,DF)

Instructions for Writing a Career Paper in Health Care

Introduction to Healthcare (HSC 0003)

Health Sciences and Related Research

Medical School

Miami Dade Community College


The goal of this assignment is for students to conduct research, learn about, and write about certain aspects of a

a career as a health-care professional You will investigate several aspects of your health care in this study.


1) Position Description

2) Education/Registered Status/Certification

3) Employment and Job Prospects

4) Professional Interests

You will do a personal interview with a Health Care Professional of your choice to accomplish this.

in order to gain a “inside look” into this profession Your paper will conclude with a section of reflection.

where you construct your personal career goal in narrative form for the short and long term

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