Posted: February 25th, 2022

Human Sexuality

Discussion 1 (400 words)

Locate an article or review the website WebMD Sexual Health Center . Examine a chronic condition impacting sexual function.

Discuss the possible effects the chronic condition might or will have on sexual expression. What treatment or support options are available to a person who has this chronic condition? What social or cultural barriers might prevent the average person from seeking help for this condition? How do you feel the media has helped or hurt this? Support your position.


Reply 1 (tonya) 60 words

I chose to look at people with diabetes. “People with diabetes are at a higher risk for sexual problems, a study in Diabetes Care found that only about half of all men with diabetes and 19 percent of women with diabetes have broached the topic with a doctor (ADA, 2022).” Some of the issues a man might face would be low libido, erectile dysfunction or being overweight. Issues a woman may have could be vaginal dryness low sex drive, blood flow issues like nerve or blood vessel damage or neuropathy. Neuropathy is defined as “damage or dysfunction of one or more nerves that typically results in numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and pain in the affected area. Neuropathies frequently start in your hands and feet, but other parts of your body can be affected too (Weatherspoon, 2022).” Having diabetes can make you tired or can cause anxiety, as well as changing how you see yourself, your self-image. It can cause loneliness and isolation as well which can lead to depression. This self-image could affect the persons sexual expression (ADA, 2022). If they wear an insulin pump, for example, they may be self-conscious about wearing it during sex or worry that it could become detached. Though it is said that it can be disconnected for up to an hour for intimacy (Nall, 2019). This may be something that the person is concerned bout having to explain to a partner or just wouldn’t want to explain at all. Many people don’t want to be different than someone they are attracted to or admit that they have a medical issue. Men who are taking meds for diabetes can have issues with getting erect and staying that way. Also, meds that men or women take can be the reason they have low libidos or problems with blood flow. Though other meds can be prescribed to counter act these issues. Women can use lubricants in the case of vaginal dryness (Nall, 2019).

I think many people are just plain embarrassed about asking their doctor when it comes to sex. There are so many stereotypes when it comes to sex. If a man can’t stay erect it ‘makes him less of a man’. If a woman doesn’t want sex, she is frigid. SO, having an actual illness just adds to the stigma that comes with sex. The media has put so much emphasis on sex being the be all end all to a great relationship, that any issues in that area tend to freeze people up. They don’t talk about it. They don’t seek help until it has gotten so bad, they can’t take it anymore. They avoid the issue all together. If doctors explained to their diabetes patients more about what issues they could face in the sex department and explained that it is normal and that there are things that can be done to fight these issues, I don’t think there would be so many unhappy diabetes patients having issues in the bedroom. The doctors and even the media need to explain that if you have low libido, maybe try changing the time of day that you have sex. Maybe you have more energy in different parts of the day. Dry vagina? Use lubricants, or meds that can reduce the issue. Hormonal replacement therapy has been said to help men and women with low libido and vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction. Also getting on a weight loss plan and losing weight can help the diabetes as well as the sex. The person may feel unattractive due to their weight, or maybe extra weight is causing problems with sexual positions or being able to do simple things. This could lead to depression and isolation. People need to talk to their doctors and also their partners. People can lose weight, try different positions or try medicines to make things easier but it won’t work if you don’t ask.

Reply 2 (Cassandra) 60 words

After accessing the WebMD Sexual Health Center the chronic condition that impacts sexual functioning I chose was hepatitis C. The article I choose was How to Be Smart About Sex and Hep C. Hepatitis C is an infection that is caused by a virus that causes inflammation and eventually; attacks the liver. Although many people may have no symptoms; some symptoms include anything from fatigue to yellowing of the eyes and skin. Hepatitis C may put a damper on sexual expression as it is highly contagious and may be contracted through bodily fluids. It can also be transmitted through other ways such as blood (most common) from sharing needles from a tattoo or unsterile equipment. Treatment options for hepatitis C include antiviral medications that are intended to clear the virus from the body with no detection of the infection. A social or cultural barrier that might prevent someone with this disease from seeking help for this condition might be the stigma of having hep C.

According to the article, so many people assume drug use when finding out another has hep C (Rath, 2020). This is not necessarily the case as it could have been through an unsanitized needle from getting a tattoo or even from a blood transfusion. Some may not even know they have it until being tested for STIs (Rath, 2020). I have a couple friends that have it and say they do not know the original source of it.

The media has helped in bringing awareness to the disease as according to the CDC, hep C kills more Americans than any other disease. On the reverse, the places like social media are most likely where a lot of the stigmas have come from regarding hep C. I would argue that sources matter. Sources that have the (.edu) or (.gov) would be the better sources versus social media which are hearsay sources. The most obvious is to talk with a medical professional on steps to take to keep everyone around you safe from the disease.

Discussion 2 (400 words) Textbook provided

For this discussion the class will explore available Internet resources and find appropriate information on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to answer the following prompts.

In addition to reading pages 495-501 in your text you will review the WHO resource website provided and identify one STI and provide analysis of the factors that may contribute to the rising incidences of this condition. What available precautions or support services might reduce these incidences? What types of awareness campaigns or education is being used globally and how would education best be utilized to adolescents and adults in the United States.


Reply 1 (Tonya) 60 words

I chose to look at HIV/AIDS. Ways to prevent getting or spreading HIV/AIDS would be not to have unprotected sex or using already used needles either while using drugs or taking medications. Most HIV/AIDS is spread by sex or sharing of needles. Having another STI also makes you more vulnerable to getting HIV/AIDS because it could cause a sore or break in the skin which would more easily allow the virus to enter your body. Using a new condom for each and every sex act would decrease the spread or change of getting the disease. Use a condom for vaginal, anal and oral sex every time and used properly. Reducing the number of sex partners and knowing who they are also helps. By having partners, you don’t know, you take the risk of not knowing their other partners and their partners etc. It has been said that you sleep with one person and all their partners and all their partners. By knowing who you are sleeping with you have a better idea of who and where they have been. Support services that can help are your doctor or even any health clinic that can test you for the virus. When the disease first came out people were getting the virus from blood transfusions. But the service of testing all blood donations has put a stop to that (CDC, 2022). So, getting tested is the next step. If you are sexually active and you have multiple partners, regular testing is a good idea and is the smart step. The media has been really good about promoting safe sex, and testing and just say no to drug campaigns where HIV/AIDS is concerned. People like Magic Johnson have come out about having the virus and encouraging people to say no to drugs and to practice safe sex. He also has talked about taking care of yourself and taking the drugs if you do contract it. Many celebrities are getting involved and making public service announcements and being involved in campaigns to spread awareness. There have also been numerous stories about how it’s spread and that you can’t get it from simple touching or being in the same proximity from someone that has it. There are Let’s Stop HIV Together campaigns previously called the Act Against AIDS campaign. There is also the World AIDS days campaigns to help educate about the spread of HIV/AIDS (WHO, 2022). I think the media and all that is being done now is good for adults and adolescents already. There is much more discussion today than there was back in the 80’s when the first outbreaks started. Drug are being made every day that help control the virus and give people years instead of months to live. Kids are taught in school about sex and drugs and are taught at home as well. Movies and public service announcements are many and cover lots of topics. So, the learning curve has grown exponentially over the years. I think we are doing so much to educate kids and adults alike today. The virus still spreads but not quite like it was thirty years ago.

Reply 2 ( Destiny) 60 words

(WHO, 2021) More than 1 million STD are acquired every day worldwide, a majority of them being asymptomatic. STD have a direct impact on sexual nd reproductive health including, infertility, cancer, and pregnancy complications. Sex is a gateway for over 30 different bacteria, virus, and parasites. Some STDs may be curable while others have no developed treatment. Most STD are spread through sexual contact, can also be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or breastfeeding. in 2020 there were 129 million cases of chlamydia reported. Chlamydia is spread through vaginal, anal, and oral sex with an infected person. To reduce the risk of infection is to not have vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Since sex is apart of many individua life functions recommendation of staying in a monogamous relationship and using condoms every time you have sex can reduce the risk of infection. Everyone who is sexual active is at risk for developing chlamydia. Having an open and honest talk with your physician about your sexual activities and the desire to get tested to reduce the risk and cure current STDs. Thankfully to scientific research there is a cure to chlamydia. Chlamydia can be treated by taking the medication prescribed to you by your physician and waiting to have sex until both individuals have been treated. Chlamydia may show no symptoms in individuals making it passed on from person to person with no beginner trace. (Crooks, 2021) Individuals who have been sexual assaulted or raped may develop systems or get tested and come up positive for STDs. Those who experience such traumatizing events may be ashamed to speak with there healthcare provider about this experience and getting required treatment. Support groups for sexually assaulted victims and the ability to be open with your healthcare provider without embarrassment is essential in order to reduce the spread and risk of STD like chlamydia. The CDC has established and provides a STD awareness week yearly to help educate and provide opportunities to raise awareness. These campaigns educate individuals of all ages on how STD like chlamydia impact ones life, how to reduce STD stigmas and fear, and reduce the risk of getting STDs. I believe outside of campaign, blogs, health care providers, and online availability, teens and young adults should be educated about STD and the risk and reeducation of transmission in health related education courses. Teaching individuals at a young age to be open and honest about sexual activity and complications that may follow; an help reduce the risk of infection to continue to spread when the right help and treatment is obtain without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.


1st Discussion (400 words)

Look for an article or visit the WebMD Sexual Health Center website. Examine a persistent disorder that interferes with sexual function.

Discuss the potential impact of the chronic disease on sexual expression. What therapy and support alternatives are available to someone suffering from this chronic condition? What societal or cultural hurdles may exist that hinder the average person from obtaining treatment for this condition? How do you think the media has aided or harmed this? Back up your claim.

Visit this website:

1st response (tonya) 60 words

“I decided to look at those who have diabetes.”

A study published in Diabetes Care discovered that only around half of all diabetic males and 19 percent of diabetic women have sexual issues.

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