Posted: February 10th, 2022

Final Project Requirements & Rubric.

MGMT 40000D Strategic Management -Wednesdays –Winter 2022.
Final Project Requirements & Rubric.
Out of 100 marks and has a weight of 25% (PowerPoint Presentation @20%+ Proposal & Contract @5%)

The purpose of this report is to demonstrate that you have a good understanding of the processes of strategic management, how to analyze,
develop, plan, implement and evaluate a strategy in a global setting. In your assigned teams choose a firm to report and present upon.
1. Due by Feb 8, 2022, 11:30 p.m.: a four-page final project proposal (1 page) and team contract (3 pages) for approval by the Professor. The
proposal should describe the firm and the final project idea, the name of the project, the business case for the project and the objectives. The
contract and proposal must have a professional title page and must be E-signed by each group member. The contract should include the full
names and student ID numbers for team members, contact info for each team member, team rules, name of team leader, roles and
responsibilities and team meetings schedule and meetings location/platform. The contract must include a penalty clause that states: “The
penalty for any non-performingteam memberis zero marks on the final project”. The contract must also include the timeline for the team
deliverables presented as a Gantt Chart(2 Marks). (the proposal could be one page and the contract could be three pages) (5 Marks Total)
2. Due by 11:30 p.m. April 12 (For ALL TEAMS): ONE e-copy of the final presentation to be submitted in one file PowerPoint Format on SLATE
including all the requirements, all matrices and the ((financial statements and all financial ratio analysis graphs (35%).))
3. Due as assigned in class(Weeks 13-14) The Final Group Oral Presentation by all team members. Presentation time must be between 20-25
minutes. (20 Marks)
• No handwritten work is accepted
• Professional quality writing: must include no spelling or grammar mistakes, no mechanics issues.
• Include executive summary, bibliography and references.
• The executive summary must summarize all the important aspects of analysis: company details, SWOT, strategy type, ratio analysis, etc.
• The topic you select should be relevant to your experience and different from other students and approved by the Professor.
• You must discuss your topic with the Professorto get approval on your project
• All tables and graphs should be clear and properly labeled, easily read without any need for further zooming.
• Executive Summary: a summary of all the important aspects of the report such as: company details, goals, SWOT, strategy selection, ratio
analysis, etc.
• Introduction:a brief description of the company and its background.
• Business Case: justify why this project is important to be implemented.
• Infographics:representing national and global metrics and trends in industry.
• Competitive Advantage: describe your firm’s existing competitive advantage.
• Sustainability of Firm’s Competitive Advantage: explain how the firm can sustain its competitive advantage
• Strategic Management Processes: describe your company’s strategic management & planning process
• Vision & Mission: describe your company’s vision and mission, highlight the elements of the mission statement
• Culture and Ethics: describe your company’s organizational culture and its ethical codes of behaviour, and CSR practices.
• SWOT Analysis: list and describe the internal strengths & weaknesses, and the external threats & opportunities
• Financial Analysis: describe the financial performance of your company based on your analysis of the three financial statements and you
must present 10 graphs for the ratios, each ratio graph covering a 5 year period. Show stock price over 5 years period. EPS/EBIT analysis.
• Matrices: apply the matrices covered in the course to your case INCLUDING: EFE, IFE, CPM, SWOT (10 factors each), TOWS pairing, SPACE,
BCG, IE, Grand Strategy Matrix, QSPM, Porter’s Generic Strategies, Porter’s Five Forces, BSC.
• Goals and Objectives: describe the new goals and objectives that your firm should achieve.
• Strategic analysis: where does your company stand now? What strategic move should it make next? Why?
• Strategy Selection: describe the strategies that your company may follow in order to achieve its objectives and how you selected these
• Key Success Measures: describe the success measures used to mark performance
• Governance and Leadership: describe governance and leadership in your company
• Implementation and Evaluation: describe using a BSC and a Gantt Chart your timeline for implementation and the monitoring and evaluation
process of the new strategies.
• Conclusions: what are the conclusions from this project?
• Recommendations: what are the recommendations?
The requirements for the final presentation are approximately:
• Presentation skills: time management, voice, contrast and design, slide numbers, message at beginning and end, teamwork, signalling transfer
or roles, agenda, conclusion, recommendations, no mechanicsissues, no mistakes in slides, effective use of space for content in slides.
• Content: Executive Summary, Introduction, Business Case, INFOGRAPHICS, Competitive Advantage, Strategic Management Processes, Vision
& Mission, Culture and Ethics, SWOT Analysis, ALL MATRICES COVERED IN THE COURSE, Financial Analysis, Financial ratios and Graphs, Goals
and Objectives, Strategy Selection, Key Success Measures, Governance and Leadership, Implementation and Evaluation, Conclusions,
Assignment Rubric:
The marking scheme for EACH section is as follows as a percentage of full marks for that section:
• 100% – all points covered and presented in professional, concise, proper professional Canadian English (with proper grammar/spelling), in a
manner that convincingly and completely addresses the assignment questions/purpose. EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE.
• 80% – minor points missing and/or incomplete and/or improper language in a manner that partially addresses the assignment
• 60% – significant points missing and/or incomplete and/or improper language and or unquantifiable regarding the assignment
• 40% – more than half the points missing and/or incomplete and/or improper and or unquantifiable • 0 – more than 75% of the points missing
and/or incomplete and/or improper and or unquantifiable
• 30% deduction for EACH assignment requirement not met.
Academic Honesty: Write your assignment completely in your own words. Express your own ideas in the assignment, not other peoples. Do not
use ideas or content from a source without quoting and referencing it. Do not provide ideas or material to another team. See the Sheridan Policies
for a complete description of plagiarism and its consequences.

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