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Essay that relies on academic research with about variations of brainstorming techniques

Essay that relies on academic research with about variations of brainstorming techniques
CN4800 – Creativity in Advertising Campaigns
1st Assessment Instructions
1. Overview
The 1st Assessment in CN4800 requires you to contemplate on advertising creativity as a process or product. You must write an essay that relies on academic research, in which you develop a relevant topic of your choice. Indicatively:
– Time and pressure: effects on creativity
– Techniques for coming up with creative ideas
– Advantages and disadvantages or variations of brainstorming techniques
– Advantages and disadvantages of group work
– The skillset of a good (or a bad) creative director.
You are also encouraged to choose a topic that triggered your interest, as long as you run it by your instructor first, to make sure your choice is suitable and feasible.
2. Format & content
Each project must be written as a word document and contain the following sections:
a) Title page – includes the title of the project, the student’s DEREE identification number and name, the project’s due date, and the instructor’s name.
b) Abstract
c) Introduction: your topic; why you chose it; the scope; what follows.
d) Main body: you must examine different aspects of a given topic, or support a thesis by presenting relevant, substantiated, documented argumentation.
e) References – use at least 5 academic sources and any other source you find appropriate. Use in-text citations and list your references thoroughly.
3. Research
You need good academic research, including (but not limited to) the sources available on Blackboard. Make sure you use trustworthy sources; you list them properly at the end of your assignment; and you cite them meticulously in your text. You should use at least five (5) sources (books or peer-reviewed articles in academic journals.
You may also use some research or guide on how to plan and write a senior undergraduate essay. Here are some sources to help you get started:
4. Mechanics
Each student should adhere to the following technical requirements:
• Documentation: APA style; a guide is available at:
• Word length: 3000 words. It is compulsory to report the number of words at the end of the paper. You can deviate up to 10% (from 2700 to 3300 words) but if you under-write or over-write, there is a 10% penalty on your grade.
• Submission: The project must be word processed and submitted through Turnitin. The specified date is provided at the beginning of classes. The first day of classes after deadline submission, students have to deliver a hard copy.
5. Contribution to Final Course Grade
The written project is 30% of the final course grade.
Late assignments will be penalized by 10% of their original grade for each day the assignment is late. The maximum penalty for late submissions fewer than 7 working days late will be a grade of 40. Late assignments originally receiving a grade less than 40 UK points will also be penalized by 10% of their original grade for each day the assignment is late. Assignments submitted 7 or more days late will receive an FA.
6. Originality and Authenticity
The rules of academic ethics apply when undertaking this major written project, including the requirements that the student undertakes the major written project without improper or unauthorized assistance from anyone. If it is determined that the project is not done individually & solely by the student, or if there are indications of plagiarism, the instructor may report the incident and / or grade the project as an F.

CN4800 – Creativity in Advertising Campaigns – Level 6 – 1st assessment rubric
Excellent Good / Very Good Satisfactory Weak
Presents clear, mature, well-documented findings, combining sources thematically and proving a point or extensively covering a topic in a concise and coherent manner. Includes most important aspects of the topic Presents significant arguments in a well-organized manner, using appropriate sources, in a coherent manner. Includes many important aspects of the topic. Uses predictable yet accurate findings that do not go off-track, reaching to a conclusion, showing signs of coherence. Might omit some aspects of the topic. Uses inappropriate, not substantiated or irrelevant findings, or findings from poor sources; lacks coherence; omits important aspects of the topic; lacks a clear conclusion.
STRUCTURE Follows the essay writing instructions thoroughly, but showing flexibility and adaptiveness to the needs of the specific topic; separates paragraphs correctly, using an appropriate opening sentence and including sufficient evidence or argumentation. Follows the essay writing instructions correctly; uses clearly structured paragraphs. Mostly follows essay writing instructions, with some mistakes that do not inhibit the flow; uses paragraphs. Does not follow the essay writing instruction; does not use paragraphs or uses paragraphs incorrectly inhibiting the flow of reading.
RESEARCH 5 valid, appropriate, academic sources or more; includes the course-book; has at least one non-academic source. Meticulous use of APA style for in-text citations & for the list of references. 5 valid, appropriate, academic sources. Proper use of APA style for in-text citations & for the list of references. No less than 3 appropriate, valid, academic sources. Mostly correct use of APA style for in-text citations & for the list of references. Less than 3 appropriate, valid, academic sources. Too many mistakes in the use of APA style for in-text citations and references.
PRESENTATION (Quality of writing, use of English) Very fluent, eloquent, mature, no mistakes, meticulous formatting and presentation Fluent, no significant mistakes, very good formatting and presentation Somehow fluent, some grammar or syntax mistakes, flaws in formatting and presentation Poor use of English, poor flow or formatting and presentation

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