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International Mgt. & Ethics MGT3146
MGT3146 Module Handbook 2020-21 page. 20
8.2.1. Assesessaydes an overview of the assessment requirements.
Assessment Brief Cross-Cultural Management
Module code MGT3146
Module title International Management and Ethics
Submission date, time Week 12, Dec 16, 2020, 4:30pm Dubai Time
Submission via TurnItIn (on UniHub) – ONLINE ONLY
Feedback type & date Feedback will be provided online via UniHub after coursework moderation and approval of release from London
Word count 2000
Assignment type Consultancy Report
Assignment structure,
format and details
Imagine that you’re invited by an executive/leader in your area of work to write up a report on
an international organization facing COVID-19 challenges. It can be a company of your choice
but you must consider challenges in particular in relation to cross cultural management.
The report should include the following sections but make sure you guide the reader and link
(sub)sections through an organised structure. You MUST make reference to the resources (i.e.,
articles, book chapters, websites) provided to show application of academic content. Do not refer
to the lectures (e.g., ‘lecture slide on values’) but find the relevant theory in the core textbook.
Report must contain:
1. An introduction to the scenario (refer to the brief and the aim) and why it’s cross cultural.
Add a brief explanation of how COVID-19 has affected the organization and how this is
linked to globalisation. Relate this to a practical example (use newspapers like
Finish with how you will structure the report.
International Mgt. & Ethics MGT3146
MGT3146 Module Handbook 2020-21 page. 21
2. Include a short comparison using a tool like Hofstede’s work analyzing two countries or cultures so that
you can do a benchmark analysis. For example, if your organisation’s HQ is in the USA,
you may want to compare this to New Zealand, which dealt with COVID-19 very differently.
Or, it may be that your organization does a lot of business with another specific country.
You should also include a graph as shown in the lecture slides. Explain how and up to
what point Hofstede’s data helps the management to understand the situation.
3. Now analyse the COVID-19 challenges for the organization of your choice in terms of the
following key topics: Decision Making, Negotiation & Communication, Leadership.
Consider the diversity of the workforce working for this international organization: What
does the executive team need to know about cultural differences here that goes beyond
typically binary advice (e.g., “The Japanese bow and the Germans shake hands”?) and
instead is a culturally intelligent analysis.
4. A conclusion evaluating the information presented and three key points of advice
presented with bullet points.
Professional delivery Max word count 2000. Over or under 10% allowed. But be aware that
you are subject to the critique that you cannot focus (over) or read to little (under) and this will
affect your grade. Ensure you do a grammar & spell check, use a professional lay out with
subheadings, include an accurate reference list include at least 6 articles from the reading list.
International Mgt. & Ethics MGT3146
MGT3146 Module Handbook 2020-21 page. 22
Key readings that are expected to be included in the coursework are used in the seminar worksheets.
Please use a range (articles x newspaper x websites x reports):
Reading list:
Week 1 introduction
The beautiful ways different cultures sign emails
Week 2 & 3 globalisation and values
What leads to cultural intelligence? in Business Horizons
x Article
x by Kerri Anne Crowne
x 09/2008
Swimming with Sharks – A graphic novel (note the correction in title)
‘Swimming with Sharks’, by Joris Luyendijk in Financial Times
The Genes of the Soul: Amin Maalouf on Belonging, Conflict, and How We Inhabit Our Identity
Week 4 & 5 decision making
Performance management universals: Think globally and act locally in Business Horizons
x Article
x by Herman Aguinis; Harry Joo; Ryan K. Gottfredson
x 2012
x Read the abstract and the conclusion
International Mgt. & Ethics MGT3146
MGT3146 Module Handbook 2020-21 page. 23
Islamic challenges to HR in modern organizations in Personnel Review
x Article
x by Abbas J. Ali
x Read abstract and practical implications
Competing across borders
x Webpage
x by The Economist Intelligence Unit
x 2011
x Browse for information and visuals for assignment
Week 6 & 7 negotiation & communication
Negotiating globally: how to negotiate deals, resolve disputes, and make decisions across cultural boundaries
x Book
x by Jeanne M. Brett
x 2014
x Chapter 1 and 2
The Effects of Person–Organization Ethical Fit on Employee Attraction and Retention: Towards a Testable
Explanatory Model in Journal of Business Ethics
x Article
x by David A. Coldwell; Jon Billsberry; Nathalie van Meurs; Philip J. G. Marsh
x 2008
x Abstract & Discussion
The culturally intelligent negotiator: The impact of cultural intelligence (CQ) on negotiation sequences and
outcomes in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
x Article
x by Lynn Imai; Michele J. Gelfand
x 2010
International Mgt. & Ethics MGT3146
MGT3146 Module Handbook 2020-21 page. 24
x Abstract & Discussion
Multidisciplinary perspectives on intercultural conflict: the “Bermuda Triangle” of conflict, culture, and
communication in APA handbook of intercultural communication
x Chapter
x by Nathalie Van Meurs; Helen Spencer-Oatey
x 2010
Navigating the Cultural Minefield
Week 8 & 9 leadership & cultural intelligence
Cultural Intelligence in Organizations in Group & Organization Management
x Article
x by H. C. Triandis
x 2006
Values and Justice as Predictors of Perceived Stress in Lebanese Organisational Settings in Applied Psychology
x Article
x by Dania Dbaibo; Charles Harb; Nathalie Van Meurs
x 16/07/2010
Fischer, R, et al Does organizational formalization facilitate voice and helping organizational citizenship
behaviors? It depends on (national) uncertainty norms
Week 10 How to get a first
Website Global Fitness for Work: Employer perspectives
International Mgt. & Ethics MGT3146
MGT3146 Module Handbook 2020-21 page. 25
BBC article The science of creating a dream team
Assessed learning
outcome (s)
On completion of this module the successful student will be able to:
– Use diagnostic tools to critically evaluate how national cultures affect management practices;
– Critically evaluate differences in leadership styles, decision-making processes, negotiation strategies, and
communication styles across cultures, and evaluate their suitability in different international contexts
– Be able to use cognitive tools to manage the challenge of international work teams and projects
– Share practical experiences and theoretical knowledge in an eloquent manner
– Discuss and critique results of research and analysis and apply this to a practical critical incident
Assessment weighting % 30%
Key reading and learning
Key readings that are expected to be included in the coursework are used in the seminar worksheets.
Assessment marking criteria rubric
x Evidence that the student has systematically researched the assignment and covered required areas to the expected standard. A clear introduction
of the purpose of the report, written up as a professional consultant, not as a student (i.e., avoid ‘for my course work I had to… ‘) and includes a
contextual description of the globalised world facing COVID-19 as it stands to give the reader a context: “In our globalised environment dealing
with a pandemic, it is important to be aware of cultural differences because…” Inclusion of relevant macro-level information such as statistics in
relation to your choice of industry.
x Hofstede’s analysis includes graph and is kept brief and the student explains the limits of this tool. Definitions of dimensions may be put in an
Appendix. Student refers back to the chosen intercultural interaction.
x Clear analysis of the class resources addressing the following topics: Decision Making, Negotiation & Communication, Leadership to provide
culturally intelligent advice. The student understands the practical implications for managers using class reading and he/she found practical
examples from, for example, other brands or mergers, to illustrate the key message.
x Evidence of comprehensiveness (breadth and depth) of information. Any evidence found of cultural difference is relevant to the brief and is
balanced. Not stereotypical. Student is able to synthesize materials the course to provide sound cross cultural advice that is culturally intelligent
and useful for any bi-cultural/mixed cross cultural situation. For example, the student may do a comparison between rule-based vs. consequence
International Mgt. & Ethics MGT3146
MGT3146 Module Handbook 2020-21 page. 26
based decision making, he/she explains BATNA and the issues related to intercultural communication and the student may refer to the GLOBE
findings of universally desirable leadership behaviours to show subjectivity of management best practice.
x Conclusion is kept brief and could be used on its own by the reader if need be. The summary must reflect good business sense that is useful for
managers and reflects cultural intelligence and sensitivity to the complex, globalised environment. Included key recommendations that are
presented using bullet points and reflect the introduction and analysis. No new information should be presented in this section.
x References at the end of the report are reliable, more than 6 sources. Student included additional, academic or reliable resources (e.g.,
recommended news sources such as FT, broadsheets). Limited use Wikipedia and other non-academic sources, unless they are reliable and for
anecdotal purposes or current affairs. References in Harvard Style
x Grammar and Spelling is correct. Overall structure is well presented: introduction, info, conclusion, using subheadings for clarity. Writing style:
Student ensures to guide the reader by making one point per paragraph, linking sections and explaining how to interpret the information. Examples
are creative and illuminate the points made.
The following table details the support you will be receiving for this assessment and the feedback opportunities you will have.
Support and draft feedback sessions for Cross-Cultural Manegement Assessment
Coursework briefing
1st Cross Cultural Management Lecture and seminar
Sample assignments
Will be available in electronic form on MyLearning
Draft feedback opportunities
There will be a series of dedicated coursework clinic before the submission deadline. Upon submission of draft as set on deadline mentioned
above, feedback will be given the following week’s seminar session.
Additional support
Please use this space to specify any additional support students can utilise. This could refer to:
x Lecturer VIRTUAL Consultation: can be requested by prior appointment on
x UniHub: the folder on MyUniHub relevant to this assessment task includes the TurnItIn online submission link, sample assignments
and template format.
International Mgt. & Ethics MGT3146
MGT3146 Module Handbook 2020-21 page. 27
x Grammarly: Grammarly’s writing app finds and corrects hundreds of (but not ALL) complex writing errors to help you ensure what you
type is easy to read, effective, and usually mistake-free. As you type, Grammarly checks your text against more than 250 advanced
grammar rules. The University offers students access to the premium version of Grammarly: see
x CiteThemRight: offers online help for referencing at:
x Centre for Academic Success (CAS) Consultation: you have the option to book individual consultations or group appointments with
members of the CAS Team. These sessions have been known to help students reach their academic goals through one-on-one
consultations with our highly professional and helpful CAS team members. For more information on the services offered by the CAS
Team, or to book an individual consultation, you may send an email to
x Instructional Resources: The Library offers many instructional resources via their website: where you
can learn how to use the Library and its resources by watching videos, using interactive tools, and discovering how to access books,
articles, conference proceedings.
x Liaison Librarians – Please contact your Liaison Librarian who can provide expert assistance with finding materials for specific
x An Introduction to the Research Process: This is a free online Library course where the research process and how to improve your skills
using our Library resources can be learned.
x SLAs– please specify what students should expect (e.g. help with citations, structure, explanation of jargon etc.)
x Further teaching and learning support materials can be found on the Dubai Teaching and Learning Support Unihub page that includes
short videos, tutorials, etc produced by the CAS and Library teams.

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