Discussion- Developing Community Relationships

Discussion- Developing Community Relationships

Two paragraphs with at least 100 words per paragraph explaining the following which should include a reference for each paragraph.

1. Describe two challenges in building relationships within the community. Recommend at least two strategies to positively work with stakeholders affected by each challenge.

2. How do students benefit from positive community relationships? Provide two examples citing at least one scholarly resource.

Building relationships within the community is essential for the success of schools, but it can present challenges. Two challenges are lack of trust and conflicting priorities. When stakeholders lack trust, they may be hesitant to work collaboratively with the school, leading to a lack of engagement and support. To address this challenge, one strategy is to develop transparent communication channels that allow for open dialogue and sharing of information. Another strategy is to engage in collaborative problem-solving and decision-making processes that prioritize stakeholder input and feedback. Conflicting priorities can also create challenges in building relationships with the community. For example, school leaders may prioritize academic achievement, while parents may prioritize social-emotional development. To work positively with stakeholders affected by conflicting priorities, one strategy is to identify shared goals and interests and work collaboratively to achieve them. Another strategy is to offer opportunities for stakeholders to participate in decision-making processes and prioritize their perspectives.

Positive community relationships can benefit students in many ways. First, community relationships can provide students with access to resources and opportunities beyond the school walls. For example, community partnerships can offer internships, mentorships, and service-learning opportunities that allow students to develop real-world skills and connections. Second, community relationships can enhance students’ sense of belonging and motivation to learn. When students feel connected to their communities, they may be more likely to engage in school and pursue their academic and personal goals. According to a study by Alvarez, Lin, and Kao (2019), community involvement in schools was positively associated with student motivation and academic achievement. Similarly, a study by Owens, Garner, and LoGerfo (2019) found that community partnerships that prioritize student voice and leadership can increase students’ sense of empowerment and agency.

Alvarez, B. E., Lin, H., & Kao, G. (2019). School-community partnerships, school satisfaction, and academic achievement among immigrant and native students in the United States. Children and Youth Services Review, 104, 104400.
Owens, C. M., Garner, B. L., & LoGerfo, L. (2019). Partnership for a positive school culture: A case study of community involvement in school improvement. Journal of Educational Change, 20(3), 305-327.

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