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BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies

BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
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Carefully review the material presented in this unit and the activities you have previously completed. You should reflect on your learning, your own research, and your previous case studies within this unit.
Complete the following project tasks, and submit all of the required documentation.
With reference to the case study, complete the follow tasks.
In the case study assessment, you identified strategies and opportunities to improve customer service and meet the needs of customers. You presented and promoted these ideas to the appropriate organisational individuals and groups. It is now appropriate to organise the implementation of those strategies.
Task 1
Before implementation, you will need to plan the implementation schedule and identify the who, what, when, and how. Select one customer service objective. Then, in a report—a table may be used—identify the following:
• The customer service objective, e.g. What is the customer service goal?
• The customer service strategy that is to be implemented, e.g. What steps are required to achieve the goal?
• The activities/tasks involved in the implementation, e.g. a list of the activities/tasks that need to be undertaken
• The staff required, e.g. all staff, specific departmental staff (marketing, sales, etc.), new casual employees, etc.
• Budget, e.g. financial resources required (costs to cover telemarketing phone calls, printing, advertising, newsletters, etc.), total estimated costs
• Other physical resources or supplies, e.g. display stands, promotional boards, customer database, etc.
• A schedule of timeframes for the activities/tasks, e.g. Gantt chart
• What resource and activity approvals need to be arranged and with whom, i.e. job role/position to be identified (names are not required). If you are the responsible person and no further approvals are required, then this should be indicated in your report.
Task 2
Before implementing your plan, you need gain the necessary approvals and consult with management and staff to gather their comments and commitment to achieving improved levels of customer service. After you have received approval and management commitment, arrange a meeting with your staff to discuss the customer service improvement plans and gain their agreement on the plan and overall customer service objectives. The meeting minutes are to be provided to your assessor. The minutes should demonstrate:
• Discussion by staff to demonstrate commitment to achieving the customer service goals, e.g. support implementation activities
• Discussion and agreement by individuals or small groups on activities/tasks, timeframes, and physical and budget resources required
• Discussion and confirmation as to what, when, and how resources will be provided to individuals/groups to enable them to complete the activities/tasks
Task 3
As a manager, you need to provide templates of letters for staff to use as examples of the standards and requirements of business letters when responding to customers’ difficulties and complaints. Following the organisation’s procedures and using templates when resolving customer difficulties and complaints both encourages prompt action and ensures a standard approach in quality customer service. Customer complaints may be received from the customer either as a letter, email, or phone call or orally. The letter templates should display the content, structure, layout, and format of two types of customer service letters: formal and informal.
Procedures to resolve customer difficulties may include:
• External agencies, e.g. Ombudsman
• Item replacement
• Referrals to supervisor
• Refund of monies
• Review of products or services
• Using conflict management techniques
Customer complaints may include:
• Administrative errors, such as incorrect invoices or prices
• Customer satisfaction with service quality
• Damaged goods or goods not delivered
• Delivery errors
• Products not delivered on time
• Service errors
• Specific e-business problems and issues:
? Difficulty accessing services
? Inactive links
? Not appreciating differing hardware and software
? Services not available
? Supply errors such as incorrect product delivered
? Time taken to access services
? Unfriendly website design
? Website faults
• Warehouse or store room errors, such as incorrect product delivered
Develop examples of two template customer service letters, that being informal and formal, acknowledging the complaint and advising the customer of the actions that will be taken in order to satisfy their needs as well as that the organisation will look forward to satisfying their needs in the future. You should ensure that the templates are readable, appropriate, and mechanically sound.
Task 4
Business strategies and standards are continually monitored and evaluated with the aim of identifying areas for improvement. Continual improvement in customer service requires the customer service systems and processes to be regularly and systematically monitored and evaluated.
In case study assessment Task 1, you developed a questionnaire to gather feedback on customer service needs and areas for improvement. Now, you need to re-evaluate the customer service being provided by the business since the changes in customer service were implemented.
Using the reports from Tasks 1 and 2 of this assessment, identify five to eight key performance indicators (KPIs) that you could use in monitoring and evaluating the current level of client satisfaction with customer service. The KPIs need to relate to the business aims, objectives, and/or strategies.
Develop a client satisfaction survey checklist using the following headings:
• KPI statement (list the KPIs under this heading)
• Satisfied (checkbox or tick)
• Not satisfied (checkbox or tick)
• Comments/further improvements
Task 5
Step 1
Using the checklist from Task 4, conduct a survey with your customers to review client satisfaction on the level of customer service currently being delivered.
The survey may be conducted using the Internet, email, or telephone, or it may be face to face. You will need to gather a minimum of ten customer responses.
Customers may include:
• Corporate customers
• Individual members of the organisation
• Individual members of the public
• Internal or external
• Other agencies
Step 2
Analyse the feedback from the survey, and create a client satisfaction feedback report explaining your findings, e.g. were the KPIs met? Has the level of client satisfaction with customer service improved? If not, why? Are further improvements needed?
In your report, you will need to do the following:
• Refer to evidence gathered from the survey.
• Make a comment on the areas in customer service that have been improved and also where further improvements could be made.
• Provide advice and make a recommendation on the future direction of client service strategies for the business. Future directions should relate to the overall aims and objectives of the business.

Task 6
The client satisfaction feedback information needs to be passed on to the manager and staff. Arrange a meeting with the manager, staff, and any other interested parties to discuss your findings from the client satisfaction survey. The meeting minutes are to be provided to your assessor. The minutes should demonstrate:
• Discussion by the manager and staff to demonstrate acknowledgement of client satisfaction successes and commitment to take steps to make improvements where required to maintain customer service standards
• Discussion and agreement by individuals or small groups on activities/tasks to be undertaken to improve customer service standards
Individuals and groups may include:
• Colleagues
• Committee
• Customers
• External organisation
• Line management
• Supervisor
Task 7
To be successful in quality customer service, records need to be maintained. This is to make past and future comparisons and identify areas that may cause future issues and problems. In a report, explain the role and purpose of maintaining systems, records, and reporting procedures in ensuring continuous improvement in levels of customer service.

BSBCUS401 Coordination of the implementation of customer service strategy

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2017 Australian Institute of Personal Trainers Pty Ltd and its licensors (AIPT) Copyright Regulations 1969 Commonwealth of Australia

This work has been reproduced and distributed to you by or on behalf of AIPT in accordance with Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968. (the Act).

The content of this communication may be protected by copyright under the Act. Any additional copying or communication of this information by you may be protected by copyright under the Act.

All rights are retained, and any republication or redistribution of content requires the prior written permission of AIPT. Please do not remove this notification.


Examine the information in this unit thoroughly.

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