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Joe was born on 21st of April, 1985 in a town of Italy. His parents were Mike and Joanne. Three of his four grandparents were from Italian descent. They were fluent in Italian cuisine and language. Remaining one of Joe’s grandparents was from Scandinavia. He promised to teach Joe Scandinavian language and culture when he grows up. Joe was the first born in a family of three. His sister, Gwen, is three years younger than him and his brother, James. is eleven years younger than me. His brother was born when I was in middle school. Therefore, much of Joe’s memories from childhood are with his sister. They spent much time together.
Childhood and Early Life
Joe’s childhood life was a clear characteristic of a middle-class environment. His father, Mike, operated a business owned by the family. There was capital enough for the entire family. Leadership responsibility of the family company was always transferred from one generation to another. Joe had a normal and happy childhood enjoying the privileges of being a first-born child. They lived as a one big family comprising of his parents and grandparents. Joe developed a passion in Baseball at a younger age and played his first Baseball match in 1988. The passion and love for Baseball grew as he was growing. He started playing organized baseball matches in 1991. Through the matches Joe played, his love for Baseball grew even higher. When he was nine years old, he got his first part time job at the coaching sport club. His responsibility there was to coach other baseball teams and continued to play organized games until 1996. Joe got his first real job in 1999 at sort line @ Marine resource Recovery center. He applied for a high school chance in Marine Catholic High school later the same year. His application was accepted and he first joined that school in August the same year.
Having so much responsibilities at a younger age is a difficult task. Balancing school, sports, and work became a hectic burden for Joe. His parents having high expectations from him, since he was to take over family business after school, he struggled with time management. Balancing all responsibilities expected of him became difficult. With much struggle, Joe completed his primary and secondary education after sitting for his twelfth-grade examination. To keep up with all the responsibilities expected of him and to withstand the pressure they were inflicting, Joe developed a smoking habit and started smocking bhang. He joined Marine Catholic High School in 1999. With much struggle, he was able to finish and graduate from Marine High School in 2003. Joe joined Collage of Marine in 2003 and graduated after two years. In 2006, he was enrolled in his second collage, Grossmont Community College, where he graduated in 2007. Joe then joined Dominican University of California in 2009 where pursued my bachelor’s degree in Business Management.
Family and Social Life
Joe was raised in a big family comprising of his parents, grandparents, and siblings. As mentioned above, he was the eldest son in the family of three. He developed an interest in sport at a tender age where his passion for Baseball was established. At the age of three, he participated in his first baseball match. His social life was very active since he interacted with different people in the pitch and off the field. He was able to meet and interact with people from different parts of the world. Joe started playing organized baseball games when he was six. He had opportunity to travel from one place to another as they were playing in different tournaments. The love for baseball and the games he played significantly enhanced his social life. In 1994 Joe was given a chance to coach other baseball teams. he was able to earn some money due to the coaching activities and his Baseball experience was also improved. Joe excelled in sports in his high school time, which enabled him to coach a High School Lacrosse team. His passion in sports and Baseball in particular enabled him to earn many trophies and many other gifts for school. Similarly, it improved his social life to a considerable level.
Joe’s parents had high expectations in him. They expected him to do great in studies as he was the heir apparent to the family business. At the same time, Joe had to practices for sports and work to attend to. Time management became a challenge to him. Due to struggle in balancing his social and school work, Joe developed a smoking habit. He started smoking bhang. With much struggle, he completed his twelfth-grade final exams and joined high school and there after enrolled in a collage. He stopped smoking after his college graduation and obtained his first commercial driving license. Bhang smoking is a dangerous and addictive habit. It has considerable consequences on the human health. Joe was able to quit smoking habit before getting to a severe addiction level. That proved to be a good move as he was more focused in his education and sport life.
Joe was able to date significant number of ladies in high school because of his active sport and social life. His sport life enabled him to interact with different women of which he developed feelings with. Though his high school relationships were not that serious, Joe really enjoyed dating. In 2004, when he was in his first collage, he got into his first serious relationship with a girl. They shared great moments with her and traveled to different places together. In 2005, Joe and his girlfriend had a trip to Costa Rica. They enjoyed every moment there. In 2006, their relationship ended after discovering that his girlfriend was cheating on him. Joe was heartbroken, depressed, and even devastated. To be honest, that was one of the hardest moments in his entire life. To overcome the stress and depression he had at that time, Joe joined a gym and started lifting weights for the first time in his life. Joining the gym really helped as he spent much of his free time at the gym and less time thinking of his relationship which did not work. he continued with his training at the gym and joined CrossFit in 2010. CrossFit is a high intensity interval training form. It is a conditioning and a strength training which is comprised of functional movements carried out a high level of intensity. His passion in weight lifting and CrossFit developed he became perfect at it. He started coaching weight lifting classes and even CrossFit towards the end of 2010. His interest and passion for weight lifting grew even more.
In 2009, Joe got into another serious relationship. He started dating the girl by the name Nina who is now his wife. The relationship was sweet and smooth since they had several things in common. They shared several nice moments. She encouraged Joe to purchase his own house which he did in 2010. Their relationship continued smoothly for four years until Joe decided to propose to her in 2012. They stayed for few months then got married in the same year. Their daughter, Giovanna, was born two years later, 2014, when Joe was twenty-nine years old. Giovanna was an active child who brought so much joy to the family of Joe. She was born with a perfect health condition. Two years later (2016), his son, Rico, was born. He was a sickling and weak child forcing Joe and Nina to frequently take him for hospital checkup. Rico was diagnosed of a skull disease six months later which called for immediate skull surgery. The family was down at that particular point, the three of them lost morale and even appetite. Fortunately, the surgery was conducted few weeks later and it was a success. Rico regained his normal health and the family was live again. Joe family maintained the Italian culture in their house. They teaching their children the Italian language. Their parents were striving to keep the family recipes alive in them and their kids. Their children practice Italian culture, language, and cuisine.
Employment History
Joe was first employed in 1994 when he was nine years of age at coaching sports camp. In camp, he was trained on how to coach teams and how to handle players. Joe was able to raise some funds when he was still in primary school. At the same time, he was playing organized baseball matches. They played for those teams which paid them for every training they attended and for the trophies won for the club. The matches also enabled Joe to make extra coins which was not a bad idea. Towards the end of 1999, he got his first real job at the marine resource recovery center. He reported in January 2000. At Marine Resource center, he was working as a sorter. His role at the company was to separate materials that can be recycled. After separation, he was to classify the recyclable materials in their suitable bails. Joe was also responsible for preparing the bailed materials for transportation. He operated both rotating and non-rotating forklifts, small and large wood splitters, ten-wheel debris roll-off trucks, and loader CAT tractor. He worked in this position for eight years (2000-2007)
In 2007, Joe was employed at Marine Sanitary services. He worked in that department as a driver. He completed any route am assigned greatest efficiency and safety at all the time. He had a proper training and know-how in driving rear and side loading garbage, recycle trucks, and yard wastes. Furthermore, he was also well trained with roll-off debris trucks and fork trucks. He really enjoyed working at this department since he had enough experience with machines. Similarly, Joe was well paid at this department which enhanced his working morale as well as his satisfaction. Joe worked in this department for ten years (that is from 2007 to 2017). When he was working in Marine Sanitary Service department, he applied for a part time job at the gym to coach weight lifting classes and even CrossFit lessons. his application was successful and he was employed as a part-time worker in 2010. Working at the gym was enjoyable since he was able to maintain his physical fitness as well as adding more coins in his pocket. In October, 2017, he left the family busines due to competition after working with them for more than 18 year.
He was employed by Recology Vallejo from October 2017 immediately after quitting from his family business. He worked in this company for only four months. He was employed here as a supervisor of operations. One of his responsibilities in Recology Vallejo company was to manage the teams. He was to develop and oversee the workflow of his team, or the job that was to be finished at a certain time. He was to set and describe objectives (Marc, Makai-Dimeny, and Oşvat, 2014, 222). He was also to define goals of the task or project, and monitor the performance of the team. Joe worked directly with managers and foreman to supervise the day-to-day operations. Besides, he had a role training new employees. He was to help new employs who have joined the team to realize their responsibilities and assist them in their time of transition. He assisted new employees by describing the policies of the company or job responsibilities and offering orientation of their places of work. Besides, Joe use to manage all activities of onboarding. Sometimes, he worked with the department of human resource to ensure that the new employees were getting all the necessary information and guidance.
Moreover, Joe had a responsibility of assessing work performance and giving feedback. He was to develop or implement feedback and identification programs. He was responsible for setting the goals of the team and pointing out suitable rewards for success. The rewards include giving bonuses and incentives. Joe was also tasked to offer constructive and positive feedback to the manager. Besides, he was responsible for reporting the individual and team performance to the senior and human resource management (Marc, Makai-Dimeny, and Oşvat, 2014, 225). He evaluated every team member and recorded their professionalism, punctuality, performance on objectives, adherence to rules and policies of the company, and disciplinary issues. He was also expected to establish and give out plans for performance improvement.
From December 2017, Joe was employed at Recology Sonoma marine. He also worked Sonoma marine as an operational supervisor. His responsibility was to oversee all operations. In the Recology company, he had a duty of supervising everyday working of the operating processes of the department and enhance work efficiency for different programs concerned with growth. He was overseeing point of contact with the Santa Rosa City Schools, Santa Rosa Parks department, and Santa Rosa Junior College working on different adjustments and issues. Similarly, Joe was to maintain and provide backup that is efficient to source department and guarantee the success of all external and internal needs. He provided a backup dispatcher, assigning over 120 drivers, helpers and vehicles to daily routs, as well as managing employee’s absenteeism.
Furthermore, Joe was expected to train employees and offer improvements to different technical skills. Operation supervisors are required to guide their employees and give them proper instructions. In the Recology company, Joe was expected to instruct employees on how to use certain machines (Marc, Makai-Dimeny, and Oşvat, 2014, 230).. Due to the improvement in technology, there are several machines that are developed to carry out different tasks. The management expected me to have basic understandings of almost every machine in the firm. Similarly, he was to govern all the performance of different departments through efficient monitoring and coaching. During his supervisory routines, he was to correct any mistake made by employees to ensure maxing performance. Also, he was to give them detailed instruction on how to carry out a specific task.
Moreover, Joe was working with uniform vendors to maintain inventory. He was responsible for ordering and distributing uniforms to the students and employees. Also, he was to regularly conduct an audit of all the Santa City Services identified in the Franchise Agreement and was to ensure they had service in AS400. He created and facilitated Friday Tailgate meetings by working with different departments to establish talking points to discuss with 120 drivers and helpers. Through the discussion, the company was able to understand the basic challenges facing these drivers and helpers. There will be a proper flow of communication from senior managements to the employees. The managers and supervisors, therefore, will understand how to handle different needs of their employees.
Besides, the senior company management expected me to oversee the audit of 113 commercial and residential collection routes in an interval of twelve weeks. And assigning work to temporary labor employee. Joe volunteered to be a member of fun committee. He assisted in tackling overtime related issues by controlling the start time of their drivers. He also handled interdepartmental problems by through proper coordination with appropriate managers ((Marc, Makai-Dimeny, and Oşvat, 2014, 225).. furthermore, he adjusted rates and billing disputes as appropriate and in coordination with appropriate manager. He received and investigates complaints of customers concerning rates and services. Until his demise, Joe was enrolled in the Recology Academy.
Joe had a passion in trash and baseball. He spent most of his time talking about and managing trash. If he was not managing or talking about trash, he was out building Legos. He spent much of his free time fishing and building Legos with his children and grandchildren. Joe was very social; he was known for his outgoing and infectious personality. Everybody loved him. He was generous with his time and love and was always willing to help any person in need.
Joe died on 25th of February, 2020 from natural causes. He was a very hardworking man. He managed to complete his education despite of several challenges he was facing. He struggles with balancing his social and education life. The struggle was because of high expectations his parents had on him. He was to excel in both his studies and sports. His parents also expected him to take over leadership responsibilities of the family business when he is of age. All those responsibilities and expectations gave him a hard burden which led to the development of smoking habit. He smoked weed for years but managed to quit the habit early enough before having a greater impact on his life. Joe was married to one wife and together they raised two kids, Giovanna and Rico. Rico was diagnosed with a skull degenerative disease which called for skull surgery. The surgery was successful and Rico regained his normal health. Joe was a friendly man. He was friend to everybody and is always was willing to assist anyone in need. He had a passion in Baseball. He spent most of his free time fishing and building Legos. Finally, the philosophy of restorative justice states that

Marc, C., Makai-Dimeny, J. and Oşvat, C., 2014. The social work supervisor: Skills, roles, responsibilities. Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Braşov Series VII: Social Sciences, Law, 7(56), pp.221-230.

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