Write 3 essay
Paper Prompt: In this essay you will examine the relationship between rhetoric and power. Specifically you will apply Gorgias’, Callicles’, and Socrates’ ideas on power to Gordon Gekko’s speech in the film Wall Street. Write an essay that addresses the following questions: (1) When Gorgias says that the rhetorician is more powerful than the doctor what does mean and what reasons does he give to support this claim? (2) When Calicles says that the rhetorician should feel no shame for his or her immense power, and, therefore, should not feel they must restrain his or her power, what does he mean and what reasons does he give in support of this position. (3) How does Socrates refute Gorgias and Calicles? Why does he think that the rhetorician’s power is a false and unjust type of power? (4) What would Calicles think of Gekko’s ‘greed is good’ speech? (5) What would Socrates say about Gekko’s speech? (6) What do you think of Gekko’s speech? -research paper writing service