World History
reply the questions in response to the knowledge discovered within the article and the video. Do NOT merely search for the knowledge on-line; it is probably not appropriate. Make sure to reply utilizing full sentences. “PBS Particular: King Tut”,2017 “9 Unusual Makes use of for Historical Egyptian Mummies,” 2015. 1. Listing and describe 4 various things mummies had been used for throughout the Victorian period in England, in response to the article. 2. Why was Egypt referred to as the “Reward of the Nile?” three. Mummified bread and numerous mummified animals had been typically discovered within the tombs. Why? four. Why did some early pyramids have steps on the skin of them? 5. Why did pharaohs finally cease utilizing pyramids as burial tombs? 6. What are shabti? What did the useless pharaohs use them for? 7. Why had been so many objects in Tut’s tomb painted with or made with gold? eight. Discover and connect of a portray believed to make use of Mummy Brown -research paper writing service