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FINAL PROJECT OVERVIEW 1. You may be required to offer your demographics (See PPT “Block 1” on D2L) a. Identify: b. Age: c. Health expertise: (sedentary, energetic, athlete) d. Top: e. Present weight: f. Waist circumference measurements: g. Resting coronary heart charge: h. Perceived health stage: (newbie, intermediate, superior) 2. Create new or revamp your present health purpose utilizing the S.M.A.R.T purpose system a. Bear in mind to be detailed! You'll lose factors for a poorly formatted S.M.A.R.T purpose. Bear in mind to make use of the acronym and supply rational to your purpose three. Outline F.I.T.T and how you can use the precept a. What's the F.I.T.T precept? b. Why do health consultants use it? c. What's good thing about using this precept when constructing a program for your self? four. Present a F.I.T.T advice for your self based mostly in your health objectives a. Be as detailed as attainable 5. Create a pattern work schedule for one week. Should present rationale as to why you scheduled the week of exercise the way in which you probably did. a. All I require is a pattern of your supposed work out schedule for one week b. You'll lose factors for offering exercise routines 6. PowerPoint format a. BE CREATIVE!!! Have enjoyable with it 60 factors Due on Monday at midday throughout finals week -research paper writing service