Which of the following is considered a major process flow structure?
OPS571 Ultimate Examination (****** 28/30 Appropriate *****) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Which of the next is taken into account a significant course of move construction? • Lead Time • Fabrication • Lean Manufacturing • Undertaking 2. ISO audits end in certifications which can be carried out by first, second, or third events. Which of the next end in one of the best certification of a agency? • Certification is sought by any agency assuming they pay annual dues. • 2nd Occasion – the place a buyer audits its provider • third Occasion – the place a certified nationwide or worldwide requirements/certifying company serves as an auditor • 1st Occasion – the place a agency audits itself towards ISO requirements three. Which of the next is ISO 14000 primarily involved with? • High quality administration • Time administration • Steady enchancment administration • Environmental administration four. Which is the one appropriate worth stream precept? • Look for efficiencies within the manufacturing facility, workplace, bodily, procedural, and technical operations. • Get rid of waste that stops, slows down, or diverts the worth stream. • Focus on rushing up value-adding operations slightly than eradicating waste. • Maintain the worth stream transferring at minimal velocity. 5. What's the place to begin in growing a capability plan for a well being care operation? • Figuring out the efficient capability over time • Estimating design capability • Forecasting affected person demand for an affordable size of time • Discovery of the bottleneck operation 6. Which of the next is taken into account an organizational blueprint, which prescribes the amount and timeframe for when every finish product will likely be assembled? • MRP (Materials Necessities Plan) • ERP (Enterprise Useful resource Planning) • MPS (Grasp Manufacturing Schedule) • WBS (Work Breakdown Construction) 7.Which of the next is a component that addresses elimination of waste below lean manufacturing? • Kanban manufacturing management system • Manufacturing forward of demand • Minimized run instances • Group plant loading know-how eight. Usually, demand for services or products will be damaged into a number of elements. Which of the next is taken into account a part of demand? • Stage parts • Future parts • Previous parts • Cyclical parts 9. Design for manufacturing and meeting delivers product enhancements by emphasizing which of the next: • Lowering product high quality through the meeting course of • Designing merchandise to allow them to be manufactured by a digital manufacturing facility • Lowering gear within the manufacturing course of • Simplification of the product by decreasing the variety of separate components 10. Which of the next is among the rules of reengineering? • High quality on the supply • Do not choose suppliers on the idea of value alone. • Have those that use the output of a course of carry out the method. • Leverage excessive price workers with decrease price workers. 11. Which of the next is a attribute that can be utilized to information the design of service techniques? • Companies are all comparable. • Companies companies are inherently entrepreneurial. • High quality work means high quality service. • Companies can't be inventoried. 12. Contemplating Hau Lee’s uncertainty framework for classifying provide chains, which of the next is given to a provide chain which has an evolving provide course of based mostly on useful merchandise? • Danger hedging • Ahead trying • Environment friendly • Agile 13. There are numerous functions of poka-yokes in service organizations. Which of the next is among the three-T's used to categorise poka-yokes? • Belief • Teamwork • Job • Time 14. Which of the next is a significant factor that distinguishes service design and improvement from manufacturing design and improvement? • The service package deal has the identical authorized safety accessible to manufactured items. • Manufacturing is way extra capital intensive than companies. • The service course of and repair product will be developed independently. • The service package deal is the main output of the event course of. 15. A undertaking will be segmented into which of the next? • Occasions • Sub-jobs • Work packages • Success markers 16. Which of the next is a value impression and payoff evaluation instrument from the operations consulting instrument package? • Statistical instruments • Determination bushes • Work sampling • Hole evaluation 17. In keeping with the idea of constraints, which of the next is usually a capacity-constrained useful resource (CCR)? • Product design • Inoperable gear • An worker • A buyer 18. The flexibility to quickly and inexpensively change manufacturing from one product to one other allows which of the next: • Economies of form • Economies of measurement • Economies of scale • Economies of scope 19. In keeping with the idea of constraints, which of the next monetary measurements can be utilized to measure the agency's capability to earn cash? • Working bills • Dividends • Gross sales • Return on funding 20. Deming’s PDCA (plan, do, verify, and act) cycle underlies what inherent Six Sigma precept? • Steady enchancment • Management charting • Customary deviation • Undertaking administration 21. Which of the next is often included as a listing holding price? • Order putting • Amount reductions • Breakage • Typing up an order 22. Which manufacturing course of time period finest describes the state of affairs when actions in a stage of manufacturing should cease as a result of there isn't a work? • Blocking • Ravenous • Staging • Buffering 23. In a Gantt chart the vertical axis represents which of the next? • Time • Income • Duties • Price 24. The Shingo system states that the best way to stop defects from popping out on the finish of a course of is to do which of the next: • Redesign the method with the intention to mitigate the bottlenecks. • Make the most of SQC (statistical high quality management). • Introduce controls throughout the course of. • Sluggish down manufacturing charges till the method is in management. 25. Which of the next phrases describes the time a unit spends really being labored on along with the time spent ready in a queue? • Move time • Construct time • Cycle time • Run time 26. Which of the next is certainly one of Dr. Eli Goldratt's guidelines of manufacturing scheduling for optimized manufacturing know-how? • An hour saved at a bottleneck operation doesn't improve the method move. • If you lose an hour at a bottleneck it's higher than making scrap. • Do not permit bottlenecks to control the move of the road. • Utilization and activation of a useful resource are usually not the identical. 27. Throughout the implementation of a undertaking, which of the next must be the first focus of a consulting agency? • The appropriate undertaking software program • Utility of the training curve principle • Instruments and supplies availability • Folks administration abilities 28. Which of the next is an analytical instrument utilized in Six-Sigma high quality enchancment applications? • Gantt charts • Pareto charts • Tree charts • Pedigree charts 29. A undertaking supervisor should take into account a number of elements when overseeing the planning strategy of combination operations; particularly, whether or not such elements are components which can be inside or exterior to the group. Which of the following components could be categorised as an inside part for a company? • Stock ranges and financial circumstances • Market demand and subcontractor capability • Present bodily capability and present workforce • Competitor conduct and present workforce 30. Which of the next is the online requirement utilizing an MRP program if the gross requirement is 10,000 and the stock available is four,000? • 10,000 • 14,000 • 6,000 • four,000 OPS 571 Ultimate Examination MCQ OPS571 OPS/571 OPS 571 Ultimate Examination Quiz OPS 571 Ultimate Examination