Which of the following describes a positive linear relationship between X and Y
1. Which of the next describes a constructive linear relationship between X and Y?a. Because the X values improve, the Y values improve in a linear method. b. Because the X values lower, the Y values lower in a linear method. c. The X and Y values transfer uphill collectively in a linear method. d. All of those decisions are true.2. Which of the next is a property of the slope, b1?a. The slope equals one if X and Y have the identical variance. b. The slope has the identical signal as r, the coefficient of correlation. c. The slope equals one if r equals one. d. All of those decisions are true.three. Dividends per share:a. improve as the web revenue will increase as lengthy because the variety of shares excellent stays fixed. b. lower because the variety of shares excellent lower, all else fixed. c. are inversely associated to the earnings per share. d. are primarily based upon the dividend necessities established by Typically Accepted Accounting Procedures. e. are equal to the quantity of web revenue distributed to shareholders divided by the variety of shares excellent.Four. What's the current worth of 10 annual funds of $500 at a reduction price of 12%?a. $1,332 b. $1,761 c. $1,840 d. $2,825 e. $three,0405. It is the top of the accounting interval and no electrical invoice has been acquired (however the expense has been incurred) it is best to report an entry that:a. will increase the overall belongings and will increase the complete bills. b. decreases the overall liabilities and will increase the overall bills. c. will increase the overall liabilities and will increase the overall bills. d. decreases the overall belongings and will increase the complete bills.6. Tools with a value of $150,000 has an amassed depreciation of $50,000. What's the historic value of the gear?a. $50,000 b. $200,000 c. $150,000 d. $100,0007. Collected Depreciation is discovered on which of the next monetary statements?a. Assertion of Proprietor's Fairness b. revenue assertion c. Steadiness sheet d. All of those solutions are appropriate.eight. Mark's Tree Service depreciation for the month is $500. The adjusting journal entry is:a. Depreciation Expense 500 Tools 500 b. Depreciation Expense 500 Collected Depreciation 500 c. Collected Depreciation 500 Depreciation Expense 500 d. Tools 500 Collected Depreciation 5009. Which of the next entries would report the fee of a utility invoice?a. Accounts Payable, debit; Utilities Expense, credit score b. Utilities Expense, debit; Accounts Payable, credit score c. Utilities Expense, debit; Money, credit score d. Money, debit; Utilities Expense, credit scoreGPA and Class A statistics professor classifies his college students in line with their grade level common (GPA) and their class rank. GPA is on a Zero.Zero-Four.Zero scale, and sophistication rank is outlined because the beneath class (freshmen and sophomores) and the higher class (juniors and seniors). One scholar is chosen at random.GPA Class Beneath 2.Zero 2.Zero - three.Zero Over three.Zero Beneath Zero.05 Zero.25 Zero.10 Higher Zero.10 Zero.30 Zero.20ClassBeneath 2.Zero2.Zero – three.ZeroOver three.ZeroCompleteBeneathZero.05Zero.25Zero.10Zero.40HigherZero.10Zero.30Zero.20Zero.60CompleteZero.15Zero.55Zero.301.Zero10. If the coed chosen is within the higher class, what's the likelihood that her GPA is between 2.Zero and three.Zero?11. What's the likelihood that the coed is within the decrease class and has GPA over three.Zero?Actual PropertyThe joint likelihood distribution of variables X and Y is proven within the desk under. Amber and Bianca are actual property brokers. Let X denote the variety of homes that Amber will promote in a month, and let Y denote the variety of homes Bianca will promote in a month.X Y 1 2 three 1 Zero.30 Zero.18 Zero.12 2 Zero.15 Zero.09 Zero.06 three Zero.05 Zero.03 Zero.02X/Y12three1Zero.30Zero.18Zero.122Zero.15Zero.09Zero.06threeZero.05Zero.03Zero.0212. Actual Property Narrative Decide the marginal likelihood distribution of X.13. Actual Property Narrative Calculate E(X) and E(Y).XMarginal dist. Of XE (X)1Zero.5Zero.502Zero.threeZero.60threeZero.threeZero.90Lamps LifetimeA sure model of flood lamps has a lifetime that has a traditional distribution with a imply of three,750 hours and a normal deviation of 300 hours.14. Lamps Lifetime Narrative What quantity of those lamps will final lower than three,600 hours?15. What quantity of those lamps will final between three,800 and Four,100 hours?Senior ResidentsA pattern of 50 senior residents is drawn at random from a traditional inhabitants whose imply age and normal deviation are 75 and 6 years, respectively.16. Senior Residents Narrative What's the likelihood that the imply age is at most 73 years?17. In a given 12 months, the common annual wage of a NFL soccer participant was $205,000 with a normal deviation of $24,500. If a easy random pattern of 50 gamers was taken, what's the likelihood that the pattern imply will exceed $210,000?