What was the columbian exchange and how did it impact europe
watch this video and do the work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrgDVTYG0z4 Choose one of many questions listed under and put up a response of not less than 200 phrases. Reply to not less than eight friends (100 phrases per response). What was the Columbian Change and the way did it impression Europe and the Americas? What had been the principle variations between Protestants and Catholics on this interval and what critiques did Protestants have of the Catholic Church? How did the Catholic Church try to reform following the Protestant Reformation? How did the invention of the New World impression the European economic system? What was the origin of the slave system within the Americas and who stood to learn essentially the most? How did the English political system differ from the remainder of Europe and the way would you examine it with the French system on this interval?