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Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson

YesterdayJun 1 at 3:44pm

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Thesis Statement:

Developing a healthy multicultural ministry within an organization requires the ability to effectively hold space for difficult conversations through intentional inner work, the formal accountability to measurable outcomes, and the strongly held belief of theological anthropology.

How it will be developed:

This thesis statement will be developed by exploring three main aspects of multicultural diversity. At each of these three stages, the research outcomes regarding behavioral science will be compared and leveraged and potentially defended by scripture and Christian doctrine. The concept of needing to conduct intentional inner work will be explored and defended by Brown (2018), Benner (2015), Livermore (2015), and Sinek (2019), whose research shows that a leader must be a constant learner, is never an expert at everything, and that a leader owns the responsibility of being prepared/educated before initiating or resolving a challenging conversation. The second stance of the thesis, regarding formal accountability to measurable outcomes, has two major landing points. The first is that a desired outcome must be shared by all, that each person has a clear role and responsibility, and that there are clear steps of progression along the way where a team can celebrate or rework a plan in service of the desired outcome (Collins, 2020; Edmonson, 2019). The second landing point is that the work is emotionally taxing and as such, requires that there be constant check-ins to measure pace (Keagan & Lahey, 2016). This pace can often lead to burnout, retention issues, unhealthy outbursts, and more. Since culture has no finish line, it requires an ideal state that serves as a vision for the organization and an ability to metabolize difficult situations and emotions. The last aspect of the thesis is how it is intrinsically tied to theological anthropology. Christians must recognize and hold to the core doctrinal belief that all humans are made in the image of God as whole, loveable, and worthy individuals (Estep, et al., 2006; Kilner, 2015). This also means that Christ role modeled inclusive behavior throughout his ministry. Who, how, and where he did it are equally as essential to the why.

How it meets the topic requirement:

This topic meets the requirements of the prompt as it is the practical implementation of multicultural framework necessary to learn, adopt, and thrive. It leverages the core doctrinal believe of theological anthropology as a definitive call to action for leaders in an organization. The thesis also argues that how this belief is achieved, as Christ modeled, is essential in the inception and continuation of this ideal.


Benner, D. (2015). The gift of being yourself: The sacred call to self-discovery. InterVarsity Press.

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Chastity Jhingree

YesterdayJun 1 at 10:48am

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Leading in a Cultural Context: A Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement

To present Southern Baptist Churches as a credible medium to evangelize the gospel, pastors and church affiliates need to embrace the practice of extending themselves not only to congregants but also the unchurched.

Before venturing into how the thesis statement will be developed, first it serves logical importance to explain how it- the thesis statement – meets the topic requirements for the research paper assignment. A research into a segment of Baptist Churches, Southern Baptist Churches, would presumptively meet course requirements on the cultural context premise. In this geographic area, both Baptist Church members and the unchurched represent a culturally diverse group of people which will make provision for an examination of the credibility of Baptist Pastors and church affiliates in terms of their influence upon both groups of study participants: The churched and the unchurched. Being an affiliate of the First Baptist Church of Boynton Beach, which is among Southern Baptist Churches, is enabling with respect to being familiar with this specific sampling for the research. There is immediate first-hand knowledge and interest in this topic. The collection of data for any kind of methodological study and design will be available or can be obtained through Likert-type surveys of members of my church and its companion churches. This will definitely reduce the length and time involved in the research. Most importantly, in these volatile and challenging times, Southern Baptist Churches are confronted with much studied and justifiable criticism for their lack of credibility. Therefore, this topic on evangelizing the gospel by being all-inclusive regardless of religious status gives consideration to two relevant factors: The social and the practical. Southern Baptist Pastors need to recognize the diverse social status of their communities and respond accordingly with the word of God, so that even the unchurched can begin to identify themselves with Christ. This would then be followed by acknowledging how important it is to practice the gospel at a community level.

In developing the thesis statement for the research assignment, extensive research will be conducted that would focus on how various researchers approached their studies; that is, a close look would be made of their methods and design to understand how they would have studied similar research topic or problems. It would involve a study of precedent literature. This would be done in conjunction with the purpose of their research studies as these work together in a good thesis statement. Primary and secondary sources must be current and credible based on findings and limits of generalization. This would be the backbone in developing the topic or elaborating on the thesis statement. Having annotated the sources to be used, their in-text references will be cited appropriately using the 7th Edition of the APA.

Having identified sources to be used, the next step would be to identify possible gap(s) in the literature. This is essential in contributing to the archive of past and current scientific research. Equally important is to frame a set of research questions that would highlight the existing problem as it relates to leading in a cultural context among Southern Baptist Pastors and their affiliates. For example, a good research question for this topic would be: How is evangelizing the gospel made more difficult because of cultural differences? From this, the delimitations of the research can be generated which would be that the attention is limited to SBC pastors and not pastors in general. This would provide the sample population that would be used in the study and the sample technique that would be primarily focus groups considering the confined environment that this research study would be conducted to. The design will observe the Creswell (2018) template of a quantitative study where the population is a deliberate selection and not a random assignment. A final statement on the research study and its limits to generalization will be made very clear so that other researchers will be cautioned on how far the research can be used as reference material. The developing of this thesis statement will align closely with the formatting of a dissertation but on a smaller scale.


Creswell, J. W. (2018). Chapters 5 & 6. https://libertyonline.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781506386690/cfi/6/38!/4/2/4/2@0:0

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