Week 3- IT And Business essay
READ Instructions carefully: · Paper length 4 pages. · APA style. · At least four scholarly, peer-reviewed reference in supporting your answer. · Use your own words to avoid matching and plagiarism. The Question: Consider your organization or another organization that has been affected by a cyber-attack. Feel free to research current events on this topic if you do not have personal experience with an organization who has been affected by a cyber-attack. Once you have selected an organization, answer the following questions: Provide a brief summary of the organization you have selected. What type of cyber-attack occurred? How did the organization respond to the attack? What were the impacts (or potential impacts) to the business? What were the costs associated with the attack? If you do not have actual numbers, what types of costs were likely involved? What did the organization do to mitigate the risk of future attacks? Did the organization change its processes or procedures? As a business manager, what are some additional recommendations you would make to the organization, from a business perspective, to better defend itself in the future? What steps can the business take to better support the IT (information technology) department’s security efforts? Explain. -research paper writing service