Week 1 Discussion Peer Response 2 essay

· Choose a topic that is related to your career or field of study. After viewing the following video, share your research question. For additional help see pp. 24-25 for help.

I am studying Health Services Administration, so I want to pick a topic related to the connection of health and the economic status of individuals and the community. Is there a connection between bad health and poverty?

· Identify two different sources that are conversing on your topic. Share some commentary on each of these two sources.

Zhang, L., & Zhao, Y. (2021). Breaking the vicious cycle between illness and poverty: Empirical actions on land use in an oasis agricultural area. Land, 10(4), 335. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/land10040335

The above article demonstrates the clear correlation between illnesses and poverty. Many individuals are trapped in a cycle where poor households are more vulnerable to get sick, and since health care is so expensive and having an illness also means inability to work, they get poorer. This article is calling to action, to strengthen the prevention and control of infectious diseases and illnesses. Additionally, they analyze how habits and lifestyle choices affect the health among individuals. In the case of this article, they examine the economy of rural and agricultural areas in China where there have been some improvements thanks to interventions, but there is still a lot of room for progress. The article main focus is on how the land can be used to break the cycle of poverty and bad health, giving recommendation on what to do to address these issues.

Khalil, H., Santana, R., de Oliveira, D., Palma, F., Lustosa, R., Eyre, M. T., . . . Costa, F. (2021). Poverty, sanitation, and 0RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT2leptospira1RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT2 transmission pathways in residents from four brazilian slums. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 15(3) doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pntd.0009256

In the above article, the authors focus on how areas with low access to health care tend to be the low-income communities due to poor waste management and sanitation. These individuals tend to be the ones with a higher vulnerability of infectious diseases such as malaria and dengue. However, this article mentions that there is only a small amount of research done with limited evidence about how socioeconomics affects physical conditions related to neglected tropical diseases. The article does mention some organizations such as The Research Ethics Committee of the Institute of Collective Health (UFBA), and methods such as sero-survey to have a deeper understanding of this topic. Additionally, it converses that the poorer the population is the less opportunities they have to access good health care, a better quality of life, and information about sanitation and healthy lifestyle choices. They recommend doing blood collections, surveys, and more laboratory analyzes. However, I don’t believe this is the most correct course of action.

· Identify how both sources relate to what you listed as your topic in Point 1.

I want to argue that there is a string connection between poverty and bad health, and that the economy plays a key factor on our health and vice-versa. Both sources demonstrate the relationship between economy and health. They illustrate how it is a cycle that traps people and communities, reducing the opportunities of growth.

· Explain how these sources relate to one another. How are they adding to one another?

Although these two sources are talking about different areas, show different industries, methods, and data resources, they are both speaking to the need of finding solutions where poor populations have access to better health care. Both articles present the need of new ways to improve economy as well as the population health. Additionally, they present examples of the dangers of not addressing this issue, which can and is continuously including millions of people injured, sick, and dead.

· Finally, identify what these sources add to your knowledge, what questions these sources raise, what is missing from them, and what you might be able to add to this “conversation.”

Neither of these sources gives an exact direction to follow or takes a position where they demonstrate what they are doing in order to promote health and economy. However, both of them present historical information and an amply selection of case-examples. I believe that by sharing some educational information to low-income communities about what options they have in order to have a healthier life-style without emptying their pockets can help to address this problem. Additionally, since I come from a country where good economy is not existent, and good health is façade, I can add some insight and testimonial of real experiences.

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