Linda and her eight yr previous son are often crushed and insulted by her husband. Linda is financially depending on her husband and is just too scared to protest or to complain in opposition to his violent conduct. Her husband is well-known among the many neighborhood as an ill-tempered and violent man. Primarily based on the above state of affairs, reply the next questions: In your opinion, what sort of assist may be supplied to Linda to ease her plight? Why? Assist your reply with acceptable examples from articles or real-life conditions. Which of the theories of home abuse are relevant to Linda’s husband? Why? Ought to Linda be blamed and held accountable for not adequately defending her baby from abuse? Why doesn’t Linda merely take her baby and depart the scenario? Conduct analysis to help your reply. Submission Particulars Submit your solutions in a 2–three pages Microsoft Phrase doc. Assist your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format. -research paper writing service