The table lists the average annual cost of tuition and fees, algebra homework help
Query description     The desk lists the typical annual price of tuition and charges at personal Four-year schools for chosen years. Yr Tuition and Charges (in dollars) 1994 11,719  1996 13,994  1998 17,709 2000 16,233  2002 21,116 2004 24,101 2006 32,218  1.  Given any two information factors with every consisting of the yr and its corresponding tuition and charges, describe intimately how you'll discover a linear operate that fashions the information proven within the desk. Make sure to clearly outline and interpret all parts concerned in your mannequin. 2.  Decide a linear operate that fashions the information, the place zero x= represents 1994, and 1 x= represents 1995, and so forth. Use the factors ( ) zero,11719 and( ) 12,32218 . Select two extra mixtures of factors and use them to create two further linear capabilities that mannequin the information. Document the three linear capabilities under.    Perform 1:   Perform 2:   Perform three:  three.  How would you go about utilizing these capabilities to foretell the typical annual price of tuition and charges for a future yr? Suppose you're within the advertising division for a university and you are attempting to decide which operate to make use of to encourage future college students attend your school. Discover and state the messages that may be despatched to potential college students by every operate.  Four.  Use all three capabilities to approximate tuition and charges in 2035. State your outcomes under. Subsequent, select the operate you'll use to encourage potential college students and clarify the reasoning behind your selection.    Perform 1:   Perform 2:    Perform three:   Perform of selection:   Rationalization: