the space below, draw a scatterplot of the bivariate data set
Please present a step-by-step solutionProblem 7 (5 factors)A nationwide ballot of 1000 possible voters by the Public Coverage Polling group indicated that 53% are in favor of passing Modification 1 to the North Carolina State Structure.a. Discover a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of all possible votes that will vote in favor of Modification 1.Interpret this interval.b. Based mostly on this pattern is it nonetheless REASONABLY potential that Modification one wouldn't move? Clarify your conclusions.Drawback eight (18 factors)A person needed to find out the relation that may exist between velocity and miles per gallon of an car. Let X be the common velocity of a automobile on the freeway measured in miles per hour and let Y symbolize the miles per gallon of the car. The next information is collected:X5055556060626565Y2826252220201715a. Within the house under, draw a scatterplot of the bivariate information set.b. What's the worth for r? Interpret this worth, would you say that the correlation is constructive or destructive? Robust or Weak? How have you learnt?c. From the regression equation given above, what worth is the slope of the road? Interpret this slope, what does it inform us in regards to the relationship between common velocity and miles per gallon?