The rules of the Syldavian electricity market stipulate
The foundations of the Syldavian electrical energy market stipulate that every one members should commerce energyexclusively by way of the Energy Pool. Nevertheless, the Syldavia Aluminum Firm (SALCo) andthe Northern Syldavia Energy Firm (NSPCo) have signed a contract for distinction for thedelivery of 200MW on a steady foundation at a strike worth of 16 $/MWh.a. Hint the ?ow of energy and cash between these firms when the pool worth takes thefollowing values: 16$/MWh, 18$/MWh and 13 $/MWh.b. What occurs if throughout one hour the Northern Syldavia Energy Firm is ready to deliveronly 50 MWh and the pool worth is 18 $/MWh?c. What occurs if throughout one hour the Syldavia Aluminum Firm consumes solely 100MWhand the pool worth is 13 $/MWh?