Qualities of a Hero Essay

Sacrifice – is the forfiture of one thing extremely valued for the sake of 1 thought-about to have a larger worth or declare. Willpower – is a hard and fast intention or decision; a firmness of goal or resolve. Loyalty – is the sensation of allegiance or the act of binding oneself to a plan of action.

Braveness – is that firmness of spirit and swell of soul which meets hazard with out worry. Dedication – is a selfless devotion; full and entire hearted constancy or the act of binding oneself to a plan of action. Intrepidity – is agency, unshaken braveness.

Valor – is braveness exhibited in struggle, and cannot be utilized to single combats. Selfless – is the standard of unselfish concern for the welfare of others and appearing with much less concern for your self. Conviction – is a hard and fast or robust perception; a necessity of the thoughts or an unshakable perception. Targeted – is the power to direct one’s vitality towards a selected level or goal; to pay attention one’s vitality.

Gallantry – is adventurous braveness, which courts hazard with a excessive and cheerful spirit. Perseverance – is a persistent willpower.

Fortitude – has typically been styled “passive braveness,” and consists within the behavior of encountering hazard and enduring ache with a steadfast and unbroken spirit. Bravery – is daring and impetuous braveness, like that of 1 who has the reward frequently in view, and shows his braveness in daring acts. So what are the traits of a hero?


A hero is prepared to face his fears, and meet them head on. She or he is prepared to make onerous choices, even when the probably consequence is grim. He’s dedicated to a notion of what's proper or simply, and has the willpower to maintain pushing ahead it doesn't matter what.

An instance of a brave hero is Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings. He’s decided to journey into the Darkish Lord’s stronghold, as a result of it’s the one solution to save his homeland. Alongside the way in which he loses most of his companions, and issues hold getting worse. Nonetheless, he retains pushing ahead, one painful step at a time, as a result of it’s the suitable factor to do.


A hero is excellent at one thing. He possesses an vital ability which makes it potential to face overwhelming odds and have an opportunity of success.

Frodo is unusually expert in languages and lore. Aragorn is a gifted swordsman with the ability to heal others. Harry Potter has uncanny prowess in using a brush and studying the magical arts.


In some unspecified time in the future within the story, the hero is prepared to surrender his life. In some circumstances this takes the type of a sacrificial demise. In others, the hero is prepared to face critical hazard, which is more likely to lead to his personal demise. In every occasion, the percentages of survival are slim, and the danger is taken for the well-being of others.

Frodo journeys to the center of Mordor, figuring out that the search will declare his life. Aragorn leads a suicide mission to the Black Gates, making an attempt to purchase time for the ring bearer. Harry voluntarily surrenders himself to Voldemort, giving his life to avoid wasting his associates.


There's something concerning the hero which makes him the suitable individual to fulfill the problem. He's destined to face the supply of the hazard, and is very suited to take action. This could possibly be as a result of heredity, historical past, prophecy or the desire of God.

Harry Potter’s dad and mom had been slain by Voldemort, with whom he shares a psychic bond. Aragorn is the inheritor to the throne of Gondor, and should reclaim his kingdom. Frodo Baggins inherited the ring, and is advised by Gandalf that windfall meant for him to bear it.


Each hero has a wound. Like their villain counterparts, heroes are scarred in some vital method, both bodily or emotionally. Typically the wound takes the type of a deadly weak point, making the hero susceptible and imperfect.

Aragorn is suffering from self-doubt, and blames himself for the fellowship’s misfortunes. Harry Potter is actually scarred by Voldemort as an toddler. Frodo turns into enslaved to the ability of the ring, which leads to the disfigurement of his hand.

Different Traits

These traits are widespread amongst most heroes, and are a place to begin for making a heroic character. Nonetheless, this listing just isn't exhaustive. The are different qualities of a hero which I haven’t included.

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