the following is a description of a three factor study
1Each of the next is an outline of a 3 issue research. Determine the three factorsand state if they're random or mounted.Additionally, state the connection between the three elements. For instance, labeling the threefactors as A, B and C, some attainable solutions are:aThirty randomly chosen topics had been examined in an experiment on the results ofsunglasses on visible acuity. The assessments had been carried out utilizing all attainable combinationsof two sorts of sun shades and 5 completely different lighting situations. As well as, eachsubject was examined underneath three completely different ranges of preliminary mild adaptation. A singlevisual acuity rating was obtained from every topic underneath every degree of adaptation.Topics=Random (A)Sun shades=Mounted (B)Lighting Circumstances=Mounted (C)A*B*CbSix randomly chosen first-grade academics had been every assigned 12 randomly selectedpupils. Every instructor taught the pupils two topics, studying and arithmetic. On the endof the yr all six lessons got the identical customary assessments in these two topics.The info had been the check scores of the person pupils in every of the 2 topics.Lecturers =Random (A)Pupils= Random (B)Topics=Mounted (C)B(A)*CcTwo most cancers remedies had been being in contrast. Thirty randomly chosen hospitalsparticipated within the experiment, with ten hospitals utilizing every remedy, and ten usingtraditional remedies (as a management). In every hospital, fifteen sufferers had been handled,every having one in every of three sorts of most cancers (i.e., there have been 5 sufferers with every typeof most cancers). The well being of every affected person was rated on a ten-point scale after one week,two weeks, and three weeks of remedy.Remedies=Mounted (A)Hospitals=Random (B)Sufferers= Mounted (C)C(B)*A