Task 1: Value 5 marks In this task, you are required to provide the definition of a class called Student, which represents a typical
Activity 1: Worth 5 marks On this job, you're required to supply the definition of a category known as Pupil, which represents a typical (however a really restricted) college scholar. Every scholar has a reputation (which consists of a string of characters) and a singular scholar identification (ID) quantity (consisting of a string of precisely six numerical digits). You're additionally required to outline a category known as TestStudent, which will probably be used to carry out plenty of check used to amongst different issues, confirm the correctness of the Pupil class. With the intention to preserve the individuality of the scholar ID, your program might want to verify that any new IDs equipped by the consumer will not be the identical as any of the prevailing scholar IDs. Following are an inventory of specs of the Pupil class: Two fields identify and id representing the scholar identify and the scholar ID respectively as described above Get and set strategies for every subject(getName(), getId(), setName(), setId()) A toString() technique that returns a string description of a given scholar object An isValidId() technique which accepts a string representing a doable new scholar ID as an argument and returns a boolean worth (true or false) indicating whether or not the brand new ID satisfies the structural necessities of the scholar ID or not A IdExists() which accepts a string argument representing a doable new scholar ID and returns a boolean worth indicating whether or not the brand new ID is already being utilized by one other scholar or not Your TestStudent class ought to have the ability to carry out the next features: Create an ArrayList object of Pupil objects known as studentList, utilizing the scholar information saved in a textual content file named college students.txt (it is best to create this file such that it shops the scholar identify and ID of a number of college students initially – one line per scholar) Enable the consumer so as to add as many new Pupil objects because the consumer requests to the ArrayList making certain that every scholar has a singular scholar ID When the consumer has completed including new college students to the listing, this system will override the scholars.txt file such that it consists of the info referring to the brand new college students in addition to the unique ones Capability to show a full listing of scholars in addition to simply the prevailing scholar IDs when mandatory Be sure that this system is appropriately documented all through and totally examined to show its appropriate operation. You could submit java and sophistication information, a brief dialogue to clarify the logic on how the issue has been solved, and pattern output (for element please see marking standards and presentation beneath) Activity three: Worth four marks Write a Java program utilizing JavaFX that shows 5 taking part in playing cards. Within the first row show three taking part in playing cards (randomly chosen from the primary 52 playing cards). Within the second and third rows show two completely different playing cards in comparison with the primary row at 45 diploma and 90 diploma angles respectively. The picture icons used within the questions can be found within the Useful resource folder of Interact2. Chances are you'll want to make use of HBox and/or VBox Pane. Activity four: Worth three marks Examine the crucial programming paradigm, as exemplified by procedural programming and object-oriented programming, and the declarative programming paradigm, as exemplified by practical programming and logic programming. The Studying from Brookshear, 2012 will kind a place to begin in your investigation. For additional investigation, keep in mind that you shouldn't reference Wikipedia gadgets in an essay, so be certain that to search out articles which you could reference. Write an essay, of roughly 800 phrases, based mostly in your investigation, which offers solutions to the next questions: What are the important variations between the paradigms? What are a number of the programming languages used for these completely different paradigms? What particular benefits are supplied by these completely different programming approache