SWOT Analysis & Group Development Plan assignment
¬ SFT 300 – Assignment 1 (15%) This Assessment is based on chapters 1 and 2, our class discussion, and your own research. Your task is to come together as a group, reflect on individual and collective characteristics, and prepare 1) a performance plan and 2) a development plan for your group. Full Name I.D NOTE: • Type your answer on this document. Do not handwrite your answer and then take a photograph. • Base your answer on the theory from your textbook, our discussion, the material uploaded to Moodle, and your own research. • Do not copy parts from the book / slides / websites. • The completed answer should be uploaded to Turnitin by Thursday, July 7 @ 5 p.m. Grading rubric The answer follows the rules. 25 The answer is complete, and the information is accurate. 25 The answer shows some originality. 25 The answer is well-written. 25 TOTAL 100 Please note that a delayed submission (including submission of wrong / corrupt file) will result in the following grade deduction: • 1 Day – 40% Deduction • 2 Days – 60% Deduction Preparation Group Performance Plan A Group Performance Plan is a detailed plan used to: Identify the desired performance levels of the group. Identify how these performance levels will be achieved. Provide guidance and direction to the group. Measure progress towards the desired performance levels. Performance plans (or performance improvement plans) are documents created with the aim to improve the work of an individual, a group, a team, or a company. They are constructed and laid out by team leaders/supervisors/managers, and oftentimes handed in for assessment. When it comes to groups and teams, the performance plans rely on collective goals and performance levels that members should reach together. A Group Performance Plan is used to: • Identify the desired performance levels of the group • Identify how these performance levels will be achieved • Provide guidance and direction to the group • Measure progress towards the desired performance levels Group Development Plan The aim of a team development plan is to identify the collective learning needs of the team. The support each team member requires from colleagues in achieving personal development goals, which may be related to team purpose or their own career self-management. What goes into a development plan? One of the main sources that can contribute to a development plan is the SWOT analysis. This analysis helps you assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to your group. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. Opportunities and threats are external factors that can all influence the future of your group. TASK 1: With your group in mind, prepare a Performance plan and fill in the grid below. Group Performance Plan Team Supervisor(s) Start Date End Date Vision/Aim of the performance plan Objectives for Group Improvement Objective Member Start Date End Date 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Review and Assessment Methods (How will you track the plan’s implementation, the team’s progress: through team meetings, reports, etc.) Additional Support (Is there any additional support needed to reach the desired goals: courses?) Expected Outcome (manager/supervisor‘s expectations on the outcome based on the data) Outcome if goals and objectives are not reached (Identify the consequences and further steps if the team fails to satisfy the standards set by the performance plan) TASK 2: With your group in mind, perform a SWOT analysis and fill in the grid below. Then based on the SWOT analysis, prepare a development plan keeping in mind that development plans do not need to be huge (no more than four or five targets), but they do need to be simple and realistic. a) SWOT analysis Strengths (Things you are good at now, and need to be maintained and built on) Weaknesses (Things that are not good right now, that need to be remedied, changed, or stopped altogether) Opportunities (Things that will be good for the future that need to be prioritised. They need to be identified, built on and optimised) Threats (Things that are not good for the future that need to be planned for and countered) b) Group Development Plan AIM PERSON RESPONSIBLE DATE REQUIRED OUTCOMES -research paper writing service