Strayer HSA300 WK 8 Assignment 2 – Religious Health Care
HSA 300 WK Eight Project 2 - Non secular Well being CareYou are working for the guide. Your job is to determine the problems from the response that ought to beconsidered additional by the guide crew and probably mentioned with the governing board and the CEO.The agency has a rule, “By no means supply a criticism or adverse discovering with out suggesting how the clientorganization can right it,” so you have to point out what kind of correction could be advisable as partof your checklist. As a result of you recognize there have been about two dozen different interviews, you determine you must rankyour points in significance, to ensure probably the most essential are mentioned.Write a six to eight (6-Eight) web page paper wherein you:1. Describe the 5 (5) vital components of the governing board’s agenda for areas ofimprovement in core capabilities.2. Many organizations now use a balanced scorecard or a number of dimensions of performancemeasurement, akin to productiveness, revenue, market tendencies, high quality, affected person satisfaction, and workersatisfaction. Describe three (three) key efficiency dimensions (apart from these talked about right here)and embody particular measures that Non secular Well being Care might use to enhance overallinstitutional efficiency.three. Decide the efficiency measures Non secular Well being Care might use to guage nursing staffperformance in its Emergency Room. Clarify the rationale for every efficiency measure.