Strayer CRJ105 WK 3 Quiz 1 Chapter 1-4
CRJ 105 WK three Quiz 1 Chapter 1-41. The sector that makes an attempt to outline, clarify, and predict felony conduct is named:a. Criminalistics b. Utilized criminology c. Criminology d. Theology2. "The madness protection permits many harmful offenders to flee conviction." That is:a. A biased assertion b. A standard fable relating to the felony justice system c. In line with analysis findings within the area of utilized criminology d. True in the USA, however not in most European nations3. In response to French sociologist Auguste Comte, the final stage of the development of information is:a. Theological b. Metaphysical c. Scientific d. Postmodernist4. Many of the modern-day developments in criminology have taken place through which nation?a. England b. Italy c. Spain d. United States5. Habits that's outdoors the vary of regular societal toleration is greatest described as:a. Prison b. Deviant c. Felonious d. Mala in se6. As society turns into more and more advanced and heterogeneous, which of the next is often true of society's efforts to take care of order?a. Society turns into more and more reliant on casual strategies of social management. b. Society turns into more and more reliant on formal, codified legal guidelines. c. Society turns into solely reliant upon police and the felony justice system. d. Society turns into extra reliant on spiritual organizations.7. Which of the next is true of legal guidelines?a. Legal guidelines are probably the most environment friendly technique of social management. b. Legal guidelines outline which behaviors classify as "deviant" in a given society. c. Legal guidelines might be enforced by both political or ethical authorities. d. Legal guidelines turn out to be extra widespread when casual strategies of social management are weakened.eight. Which of the next is an instance of an individual violating a folkway?a. Johnny was consuming dinner at a buddy's home and overtly expressed distaste for the meal being served. b. Jenny hadn't studied for her calculus examination, so she copied solutions from the coed sitting subsequent to her. c. Jessica was bored on a Friday evening, so she stole a automobile to go joyriding. d. Joe killed a bartender in a botched theft try.9. Prohibition had the unintended impact of accelerating corruption, disobedience, and public disrespect for the regulation. This unintended impact is an instance of:a. A manifest perform of regulation b. A latent perform of regulation c. Mala in Se d. Mens Rea10. Gemeinschaft refers to:a. A communal society that predominantly depends on casual strategies of social management b. A heterogeneous society through which codified legal guidelines are mandatory to take care of management c. A view that holds that regulation is a way of preserving the established order on behalf of the highly effective d. An individual who has a robust data of regulation and felony justice procedures11. The argument that drug legal guidelines are a software for the rich to regulate the harmful courses is in step with the:a. Battle view of crime b. Purist authorized view of crime c. Consensus view of crime d. Metaphysical view of crime12. Total crime charges:a. Stay steady throughout societies and thru time b. Are usually steady throughout societies, however fluctuate over time c. Fluctuate throughout societies, however inside a selected society are typically steady over time d. Fluctuate by social and historic context13. The residents of nation X have various viewpoints relating to which behaviors are thought-about ethical. Individuals on this society are typically individualistic, which can be a product of the financial construction, which is characterised by in depth division of labor. Nation X can be thought-about a:a. Gemeinschaft society b. Gesellschaft society c. Theocratic society d. Communal society14. Famed sociologist Émile Durkheim argued that crime is regular. By this, he meant that:a. Criminals must be considered no in a different way than non-criminals inside society. b. Prison labels are arbitrary and serve no perform in society; thus, felony regulation must be abolished. c. Crime is a predictable product of, and in some methods a helpful aspect of, the construction of society. d. Crime is so pervasive in society that it turns into normalized.15. Using rationality and logical argument to clarify crime is most reflective of which stage of the development of information?a. Theological b. Metaphysical c. Scientific d. Futuristic16. Driving 26 miles per hour in an space the place the velocity restrict is 25 miles per hour would greatest be described as an act:a. Mala in se b. Mala prohibita c. Of overcriminalization d. Of felonious proportions17. Mores are:a. Norms which might be most popular, however carry no critical penalties if damaged b. The excellent set of morals in a given society c. Robust norms that carry sanctions if damaged d. All the time codified into regulation18. A selected crime is punishable by 5 years in jail; this crime is almost certainly:a. A misdemeanor b. A felony c. A folkway d. Mens rea19. Which of the next just isn't a attribute of felony regulation?a. It's assumed by political authority. b. It comprises penal sanctions. c. It's uniformly utilized. d. It should be administered by federal authorities.20. Criminology is taken into account a sub-discipline of:a. Biology b. Psychology c. Sociology d. Theology21. True or False? Crime as a violation of felony regulation can solely have unfavourable penalties for the social solidarity of any society.a. True b. False22. True or False? Females and the aged undergo the very best charges of victimization within the up to date United States.a. True b. False23. True or False? "Deviant conduct" is outlined as "conduct which is in violation of written legal guidelines."a. True b. False24. True or False? Definitions of deviance are relative to the time, place, and individual(s) making the analysis.a. True b. False25. True or False? Folkways confer with critical customs that contain ethical judgments in addition to sanctions.a. True b. False