Strayer acc499 Week 6 Discussion 1 & 2
Week 6 Dialogue 1"Cyberattacks in Public Corporations" Please reply to the next:From the e-Exercise, analyze the consequences of the SEC‘s knowledge breach disclosure requirement on monetary reporting, based mostly on the present language of the requirement. Suggest a change to the disclosure necessities to strengthen public firm disclosures of cyberattacks. Present assist to your rationale.Study the impression of cyberattacks on potential buyers in a public firm. As an auditor, present your suggestions for together with the potential of a cyberattack within the 10-Okay, versus an precise assault. Present assist to your suggestion.Week 6 Dialogue 2"Koss Company" Please reply to the next:From the case examine, distinction the obligations of the unbiased auditor and board of administrators with the obligations of Koss administration for the embezzlement. Point out the celebration that was finally chargeable for the embezzlement. Present assist to your rationale.Suggest two controls that you'd set up at Koss Company over digital fund transfers. Point out how every of the really helpful controls would reduce the publicity to fraud sooner or later. Present assist to your suggestions.