STATS – The BMW Z8, Ferrari, and Lamborghini
The BMW Z8, Ferrari, and Lamborghini have notably low fuel mileage among the many two-seater automobiles within the desk beneath). Discover the five-number abstract (median, the quartiles (first and third quartile), and the excessive and low extremes) of the town fuel mileages. Create a histogram with a category width of two (see Tips on how to Make a Histogram in Excel on Blackboard) and a boxplot of the information. Are any of those automobiles suspected low outliers by the Interquartile Vary Rule (1.5×IQR rule)? (A degree is a suspected outlier if it lies greater than 1.5×IQR beneath the primary quartile (Q1) or above the third quartile (Q3).) Recalculate and redraw any plots after checking for outliers, if wanted.Fuel mileage (miles per gallon) for 12 months 2002 mannequin two-seater automobiles.