spss (data analysis) essay

I need an explanation for this Statistics question to help me study. I have received an assignment that requires me to analyse the results of a survey and then translate the finds into a coherent marketing communication strategy for a local tourist attraction. The survey needs to be analysed in SPSS, however, I received feedback […]

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Statistics Psych using Excel essay

student Need help with my Statistics question – I’m studying for my class. The goal of this assignment is to help you understand the logic underlying the estimation of RSE (Random Sampling Error) based on simulated computation (estimation) using height data. See Excel Sheet 1 on Excel contains 1620 people’s height data These 1620 people’s […]

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Application of Regression Analysis

Chapter-3 Methodology In the application of regression analysis, often the data set consist of unusual observations which are either outliers (noise) or influential observations. These observations may have large residuals and affect the parameters of the regression co-efficient and the whole regression analysis and become the source of misleading results and interpretations. Therefore it is […]

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DuPont Enterprise Financial Analysis

With the fast pace of modern society, the competitions between companies are becoming more fierce gradually. In order to catch the tide of financial progress, rational analyses are required for enterprise to understand a company’s financial situation and operational efficiency. As a result, entrepreneurs can judge their enterprises’ competitive position in the industry and sustainable […]

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Multivariate Multilevel Modeling

Literature Review This chapter tying up the various similar studies related to modeling responses multivariately in a multilevel frame work. As a start, this chapter begins by laying out the recent history of univariate techniques for analyzing categorical data in a multilevel context. Then it gradually presents the literature available on fitting multivariate multilevel models […]

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