Statisctics essay
Comprehensive Learning Assessment 1 – CLO 4, CLO 7, CLO 11, CLO 12 Suppose that a local chapter of sales professionals in the greater San Francisco area conducted a survey of its membership to study the relationship, if any, between the years of experience and salary for individuals employed in inside and outside sales positions. On the survey, respondents were asked to specify one of three levels of years of experience: low (1–10 years), medium (11–20 years), and high (21 or more years). Table 9 Sales Professionals Answers to the Survey on Years of Experience, Salary, and Position. Observation Salary ($) Position Experience 1 53,938 Inside Medium 2 52,694 Inside Medium 3 70,515 Outside Low 4 52,031 Inside Medium 5 62,283 Outside Low 6 57,718 Inside Low 7 79,081 Outside High 8 48,621 Inside Low 9 72,835 Outside High 10 54,768 Inside Medium 11 58,080 Inside High 12 78,702 Outside Medium 13 83,131 Outside Medium 14 57,788 Inside High 15 53,070 Inside Med 16 60,259 Outside Low Use the sample data provided in the Table 9 to answer the following questions: 1. Provide descriptive statistics of the data for each division of Experience, division of Position, and combination of the values of the two divisive factors. 2. Exclude the effect of years of experience, the effect of Position, perform an ANOVA in each case and interpret the results. 3. Perform a two-factor ANOVA to test for any significant differences due to position, years of experience, and interaction, as well as post-hoc tests for rank ordering if applicable. Use ɑ = .05 in all tests. -research paper writing service