spanish class unit test
Query description 1. The place was the primary Latin American winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature born? (1 level)ArgentinaChileHondurasPuerto Rico2. What does “Tú tienes el horario” imply in English? (1 level)You may have the dictionary.I've the schedule.You may have the schedule.I've the science books.three. How would you say the phrase “They converse” in Spanish? (1 level)Yo hablo.Ella habla.Nosotros hablamos.Ellos hablan.four. What languages do a lot of the college students at Miami Excessive College converse? (1 level)Spanish and EnglishEnglish and FrenchSpanglish and PortugueseEnglish and Mandarin5. Diego Rivera was probably the most well-known _______ of Mexico. (1 level)writerpoliticianmuralistteacher6. How would you say “the English class” in Spanish? (1 level)la inglés clasela clase inglesala clase Inglesla clase de inglés7. What's the thriller of Tiahuanaco? (1 level)Nobody is aware of the place it's.Nobody is aware of why folks lived there.Nobody can decipher their writings.Nobody is aware of why the folks there disappeared.eight. How would two boys say “We'd like” in Spanish? (1 level)Nosotros necesitoVosotros necesitasNosotros necesitamosVosotros necesitáis?9. What topic did Jaime Escalante assist his college students excel at? (1 level)calculuscomparative literatureU.S. historyart10. What are college students in public faculty in Puerto Rico required to put on? (1 level)hatsscarvesuniformsname badges11. Which Latin American artist or author believed all artwork must be public? (1 level)Diego RiveraDavid Alfaro SiqueirosFrida KahloGabriela Mistral12. What do each 00:00 and 24:00 imply in 24-hour time? (1 level)1 a.m.12 a.m.1 p.m.12 p.m.13. On what syllable is the stress within the phrase calculadora? (1 level)-do--cu--la--ra-14. What was one among Gabriela Mistral’s jobs along with being a poet? (1 level)dancerteacheractorscientist15. What's the correct topic pronoun to make use of when talking formally to 2 or extra folks in Spain? (1 level)vosotrosellosustedustedes16. How would you say “throughout first interval” in Spanish? (1 level)el primero horala primera horapara el primero horaen la primera hora17. What present-tense type of the verb enseñar would you employ to discuss your self? (1 level)enseñaenseñasenseñoenseñamos18. What topic pronoun would you employ when chatting with a good friend? (1 level)túustedelloella19. What area do many college students in Honduras go into after they graduate highschool? (1 level)agriculturelawarchitecturemanufacturing20. What does “horario de clases” imply in English? (1 level)class periodclass schedulemany classesyour courses21. Clarify how an interlocking schedule at a Puerto Rican faculty works. Why are interlocking schedules used? (four factors)22. Why is it not at all times obligatory to incorporate a topic pronoun earlier than the verb in Spanish? (four factors)23. What's the heritage of lots of the college students at Miami Excessive College? Clarify why so many college students of this heritage are at Miami Highschool. (four factors)24. How would you write the sentence “You might want to research for English class” in Spanish? (four factors)25. How do researchers know that Tiahuanaco was a complicated civilization? (four factors)