Southern new england distributing corporation
Southern new england distributing companySupreme Radio, Inc., issued to Southern New England Distributing Company two notes value $1,900. The 2 notes and others, all of a complete face worth of about $15,000, have been transferred to Korzenik, an legal professional, by his shopper Southern ‘‘as a retainer for providers to be carried out'' by Korzenik. Though Korzenik was unaware of the very fact, Southern had obtained the notes by fraud. Southern retained Korzenik on October 25 in reference to sure antitrust litigation, and the notes have been transferred on October 31. The worth of the providers carried out by Korzenik throughout that point is unclear. Korzenik introduced this motion in opposition to Supreme Radio to get better $1,900 on the notes. Will Korzenik be capable of gather the funds? Clarify.