Somatic Psychology: History, Purpose, & Movement assignment
his week we are reading about the history and foundations of Somatic Psychology as a discipline. As the course progresses, we will have an opportunity to discuss more specific topics, but I wanted to begin with a general question about the topic. Please APA 7th + quotes with page numbers. This is a high level course. Base on ALL reading (not only few first pages) and videos. As you move through the readings, what stands out for you in the history and grounding tenets of Somatic Psychology? How would you characterize the changing attitudes of the body over time? What speaks to you? What relevance does it have for you? Readings - the book Somatic Psychology is the foundation: Somatic Psychology: Body, mind, and meaning Section One (pp. 1 – 69) Natural Intelligence Chapters 1 - 2 (pp. 1 – 35) Bone, Breath, and Gesture Mary Whitehouse (pp. 239 – 251) Video: Authentic movement Session with Mary Whitehouse (Links to an external site.) (approx. 10 minutes) -research paper writing service