Socw 6060 essay
Theories assist body greater than presenting issues—additionally they body social issues, and each sorts of issues could be linked in relation to shopper points. For instance, many students and social staff have tried to grasp the social downside of poverty. Turner and Lehning (2007) categorized varied psychological theories to clarify poverty below two headings: (1) individual-related theories or (2) structural/cultural-related theories. In different phrases, consider these two headings as lenses in viewing poverty. On this Dialogue, you apply lenses by way of which to grasp a shopper's downside in relation to social issues. To organize: Learn this text listed within the Studying Sources: Turner, Okay., & Lehning, A. J. (2007). Psychological theories of poverty. Journal of Human Conduct within the Social Atmosphere, 16(1/2), 57–72. doi:10.1300/J137v16n01-05 Choose a concept below the individual-related theories and a concept below the structural/cultural-related theories. Full the handout “Evaluating Particular person-Associated and Structural/Cultural-Associated Theories” that will help you craft your response. (Notice: You don't want to add the handout to the Dialogue discussion board. The handout is meant to help you in writing your Dialogue submit.) By Day three Submit: Describe how a social employee would conceptualize a presenting downside of poverty from the 2 theories you chose. Clarify how this conceptualization differs from an individual-related versus a structural/cultural-related theoretical lens. Examine how the 2 theoretical lenses differ by way of how the social employee would strategy the shopper and the issue and the way the social employee would intervene. -research paper writing service