Sociology Assignment
Due 6/30 PRINCIPLES OF SOCIOLOGY E book PDF Connected & right here is hyperlink Module four: Lecture & Research Information Learn Chapter three Module four, we discover tradition and cultural universals. Listed below are some key factors that will help you via the work: Outline Tradition: Tradition is the overruling norms and habits discovered inside a society Outline norms, values and beliefs: Norms are behaviors, attitudes and actions which can be thought of regular Values are shared beliefs on what is nice/unhealthy and proper/incorrect. Beliefs are the collective group of concepts which will affect one’s worldview Describe if music generally is a cultural common: Cultural universals are traits which can be widespread to all cultures throughout the globe Watch movies Project: Module four: Dialogue Project For this dialogue task, you are going to create a PowerPoint presentation. You will begin by defining tradition. Subsequent discover the weather of tradition (norms,values,beliefs). Lastly, share certainly one of your favourite songs (or motion pictures). Can music (or performing) be a cultural common? Publish your PowerPoint. It will embody the next slides: 1. Outline tradition (slide one) 2. Outline norms, values and beliefs (slide 2) three. Share a favourite tune or film (Slide three) four. Describe if music (or performing) generally is a cultural common. -research paper writing service