Social Science Assignment
1. Dr. Feelgood suspected his nurse of stealing medication from their cupboard at work. He ordered that each one his workers take a lie detector take a look at. After failing the take a look at Dr. Feelgood fired his nurse. The nurse sues a)      Her declare has no advantage b)     The physician had no proper to fireplace her for any cause if she was an "at will" worker c)      The physician mustn't have given her the lie detector take a look at d)     Each A & B 2.      Dave was a "volunteer" physician at a hospital working within the emergency room after he obtained a name that he was wanted due to a twister that had hit the Georgia coast. He didn't diagnose an an infection on a lady who was rushed to the hospital. On account of the an infection the lady misplaced her leg. The next is true a)      He has a great argument for successful the case b)     Punitive damages are recoverable in opposition to physician c)      Abstract judgment could be awarded in favor of the physician d)     Each A & C three.      Which of the next is true a)      A civil case has a unique customary of proof than a felony case b)     Abstract judgments mustn't typically be granted if the information are in dispute c)      You may win a civil case if the vast majority of the jury votes in your favor d)     The entire above four.      Mary was bit by a canine whereas visiting her good friend. If she sued her good friend, she a)      Will gather if it occurred on the property b)     Is not going to gather if her good friend wasn't there when she was bitten c)      Is not going to gather if she will be able to't show the proprietor knew that the canine bit her d)     Not one of the above 5.      A mail-order firm in Ohio despatched a case of beer to a minor in Pennsylvania. The mother and father want to sue the corporate in Pennsylvania. The next phrases would more than likely be mentioned in a Court docket Opinion a)      Minimal contacts b)     Material jurisdiction c)      Private jurisdiction d)     Each A & C 6.      The precise to a speedy and public trial by an neutral jury is assured to the defendant by the a)      sixth Modification b)     1st Modification c)      fifth Modification d)     Not one of the above 7.      The state Trial Court docket in Pennsylvania is known as a)      Pennsylvania Supreme Court docket b)     Pennsylvania Superior Court docket c)      The Pennsylvania Municipal Court docket d)     Court docket of Widespread pleas eight.      Alicia fell in a retailer on olive oil, she has a)      A superb case b)     Must show discover on a part of the shop proprietor c)      Perhaps comparatively negligent d)     Each A & C 9.      The Uniform Industrial Code applies to a)      Actual property b)     Fixtures c)      Sale of products d)     The entire above 10.  Lori was acquitted of homicide. Which of the next is true: a)      The state might enchantment her conviction b)     The defendant might now be tried for assault and battery c)      If the defendant dedicated the offense, she could also be retired on new proof d)     The defendant could be sued civilly by the sufferer's household. Get Social Science help at the moment