Social Inequality In My Community Video essay
PLEASE READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS. NO PLAGIARISM! NO QUOTES, MUST PARAPHRASE. I WILL CHECK FOR RECYCLED WORK AND PLAGIARISM, SO WILL THE TEACHERS. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE 07/22/21 AT 9PM PST. IF YOU CANT MEET THIS DEADLINE, DONT AGREE TO DO MY ASSIGNMENT. PRICE ISNT NEGOTIABLE. PLEASE READ GRADING RUBRIC. TEACHERS USE THE GRADING RUBRIC TO DETERMINE GRADE. IF DIRECTIONS ARENT BEING FOLLOWED, I WILL DISPUTE RIGHT AWAY. LETS AVOID THAT.PLEASE USE ALAMEDA COUNTY OR SAN FRANCISCO FOR THIS ASSIGNMENTThink about that you've not too long ago been employed to work at your native well being clinic. A part of your position is to behave as a social justice liaison and determine potential areas of enchancment in your neighborhood.From a social justice perspective, create a 5-minute video illustrating one instance of social inequality in your local people. Handle the areas under in a video medium of your selecting (narrated slide presentation, direct video, animation, and so on.).What the social inequality of focus is. The explanation why you centered on this social inequality. Incidence and prevalence data, if recognized. Affect on the individual and neighborhood. Social influences on the social inequality. Organic influences on the social inequality. What public well being applications, if any, at the moment exist for this challenge in your space. Potential social justice avenues for prevention and intervention domestically. Please evaluation the Canvas Video Submission Directions (Hyperlinks to an exterior website.) so as to get began. This information will familiarize you with the Canvas video software and evaluation methods to document your video to the classroom.As a substitute, chances are you'll use an exterior platform corresponding to Screencast-O-Matic (Hyperlinks to an exterior website.) or PowerPoint. Please evaluation the Screencast-O-Matic Fast-Begin Information (Hyperlinks to an exterior website.) directions if you happen to choose this selection. This information will familiarize you with the software and spotlight methods to add your video to the classroom. When you select to make use of one other video recording software to your submission, please comply with the information directions to add an MP4 video file into your classroom utilizing the identical steps.Essential observe: Please make sure you add a video to the classroom board. A submission of a hyperlink to a video doesn't fulfill the submission necessities as your classmates could not be capable of efficiently entry your video for a response. For recommendation and knowledge on the dos and don’ts of webcam displays, please evaluation the Internet Recording Do’s and Don’ts (Hyperlinks to an exterior website.) useful resource.Movies will probably be judged primarily based on creativity, in addition to in your capability to coach and inform viewers concerning the disparity recognized.Create your video within the classroom video software. Within the Dialogue Discussion board, add your video to the classroom. -research paper writing service
Module 7 essay
Module 7 EssayFor this exercise, you'll write in regards to the following matter:-Describe the common well being care system in place in Massachusetts.Your module essay needs to be 2-Three pages double-spaced, Occasions New Roman 12 pt. font.-research paper writing service
Db6#2 essay
A co-worker is working with a shopper who's extraordinarily spiritual and it's fairly uncomfortable as a result of the shopper is a alleged intercourse offender. You co-worker will not be religous or religious however has a difficult time with the shopper abusing younger boys. It seems he was a Boy Scout chief and was convicted of sexually abusing younger boys; nonetheless, he claims he's harmless. For some cause your co-worker has a difficult time regarding the shopper. Within the subject of HS, each shopper must be helped and served it doesn't matter what. What recommendation would you give your co-worker? How would you assist your co-worker put apart their judgmental perspective and deal with the shoppers wants?-research paper writing service
PHIL Essay
NB: Earlier than beginning your essay, you must learn this complete doc in addition to the data within the ‘Essay Assignments: Grading Standards and Useful Info’ folder present in Unit 5. The articles given beneath are from The New York Occasions. Non-subscribers are restricted to the variety of articles they will learn, however the Dallas Faculty Library has full entry to The New York Occasions. You possibly can entry The New York Occasions by way of this DCCCD Library internet web page.Subject: Ladies in PhilosophyFor this matter, you can be researching the historical past of girls in philosophy, present attitudes towards girls in philosophy, and the objectives of feminist philosophy. In addition to together with particular dialogue of each articles beneath, your essay ought to meet the essay necessities listed beneath matter 2.Hyperlink of the Article: of the Article: essay should embody the next:• A heading finished in line with MLA• An unique title• An introductory paragraph that incorporates your thesis (see this VERYuseful recommendation on how you can write your intro/start your essay, and if you'reuncertain of how you can write a thesis, learn this recommendation on creating a thesis)• Physique paragraphs that develop and help your thesis (right here is a fewglorious recommendation on how you can construction physique paragraphs)• A minimal of four full pages (your works cited web page doesn’t rely as aweb page)• A conclusion (see this VERY useful recommendation on how you can conclude youressay)Your essay must be double-spaced, in Occasions New Roman 12 level font; yourpaper must be written in Customary English and finished in MLA format. It's essential toembody a MLA works cited web page that features all sources utilized in your essay,together with the article I supplied.-research paper writing service
From Field To Fork Chap 1 essay
Chapter 1Instructions: Learn by means of Chapter 1. Then, reply the questions right here. We are going to seemingly refer again to components of Chapter 1 as we go additional into the content material of this course. I'm not anticipating a number of paragraphs for every of those solutions. Nonetheless, do your finest to point you will have learn the fabric. Keep in mind, that is an higher stage synthesis course.1) Clarify how Historic philosophers (Greek and Roman) would have interpreted the widespread saying within the English language, “You might be what you eat.”2) How would later philosophers, like Machiavelli, Montesquieu, Malthus, Mill, and Marx clarify “you might be what you eat?” Your reply ought to distinction the sensible position of meals within the financial system, versus the metaphorical position.three) Clarify why there has there been a resurgence in philosophers learning and writing about meals in current many years.four) Clarify this sentence from the guide, “…it appears that evidently with regards to threat it's the query of what we select NOT to eat that creates a chance to border dietary questions in moral phrases.”5) Clarify what the writer means when he says forcing anyone to eat canine meat may legitimately trigger somebody to be harmed.6) Watch this video It's referred to within the textual content. How does Žižek argue that Starbucks promote san ideology associated to social justice?7) Present two extra explanations of you might be what you eat that come up within the textual content.eight) In a listing/bullet level kind, present 5 extra factors that you simply suppose are necessary from this chapter.9) Lastly, consider a query you will have after studying and reflecting on this materials in Chapter 1. Please write it right here (leaving this clean just isn't acceptable). -research paper writing service
Module 4 essay
As we’ve seen on this module, Descartes was considering discovering a solution to know what is completely true past a doubt. Take into consideration your individual beliefs – is there something that you simply (assume you) know with absolute certainty? One thing that you simply take into account true past any doubt in any respect? Current considered one of your most strongly held beliefs and clarify why you assume you might have absolute certainty on this matter. How would you go about proving to another person that this perception is true--what proof would you supply? If it seems that you do not imagine it is doable to be completely sure about this perception, then clarify what holds you again from certainty. Subsequent, reply the query of what do you assume Descartes would say about your perception and your methodology of making an attempt to show that it's true? Makes certain your remark(s) about Descartes' present you perceive one thing about his epistemological methodology.-research paper writing service
Changing Perceptions Of Nature essay
Take – Residence Examination: 2021: STS 112 Altering Perceptions of Nature Reply four Questions Solely: 9 choices.All solutions submitted should be your individual work. Using business essay writing companies is monitored by the College and can result in critical penalties.College students ought to reference at the very least one supply from the STS 112 tutorial readings in every of their solutions.* Every reply ought to be 500 phrases lengthy excluding references and headings. Whole 2,000 phrases.* Solutions ought to be written in steady prose and referenced the place applicable. Plagiarism can result in harsh penalties.* All sources should be correctly referenced (Harvard Creator/Date system) see topic Moodle website for full particulars.* College students can not do a Take Residence Examination query that corresponds with their tutorial presentation or main essay subject.* All solutions ought to be supported by examples and argument, use related sources, and precisely current content material and texts lined in the course of the session.Format* Please submit as per regular essay format, typed, printed and with cowl sheet, to the STS 112 Moodle website* Clearly mark your identify, tutorial time and the on the quilt web page of your take residence examination and clearly quantity which query you are trying.* The Take Residence Examination should be web page numbered.*Specified by 1.5 line spacing (minimal) or in double spacing.* Use one fashion of font persistently all through the task.* 12 to 14 level fonts for headings, 11 to 12 level fonts for textual content, 10 level fonts forend-notes/bibliographiesQuery One :Can Aristotelian Pure Philosophy be interpreted as the primary nice scientific custom or was it one thing utterly totally different?Query Two:What have been a few of the limitations of Galileo’s telescopic observations in establishing that Copernicus’s theories have been true?Query Three:Describe the primary variations between Mechanical Philosophy and Aristotelian Pure Philosophy.Query 4:Describe the non secular dimensions of Newton’s Pure Philosophy.Query 5:Newton was sympathetic to the Mechanical Philosophy however his work deviated from strict Mechanical Philosophy in a variety of methods. What have been a few of these variations? Present examples.Query Six:Define the strengths and weaknesses of ‘internalist’ and ‘externalist’ historic explanations for the Scientific Revolution.Query Seven:How properly does Kuhn’s mannequin of scientific revolutions apply to the emergence of Newtonian or Darwinian views of Nature?Query Eight:How did concepts of progress, in style in the course of the Enlightenment, affect the event of theories of evolution of life on earth?Query 9:How did the work of Paley and Malthus affect the event of Darwin’s concept of ‘evolution by pure choice’. -research paper writing service
Introduction To Philosophy Discussion 4 essay
1. Out of your studying of Anselm’s textual content alone (in different phrases, don’t do any analysis on the web earlier than you reply this query—you are able to do that later), attempt to assemble the argument you assume he's making (his ‘ontological argument for God’s existence). Then, assemble the argument you assume Gaunilo makes use of to problem Anselm’s argument, and Anselm’s reply to Gaunilo. (Word: There are a number of other ways to assemble these arguments; we'll focus on them at size within the dialogue threads.)2. Choose considered one of St. Thomas’ 5 methods for demonstrating the existence of God and assemble an argument displaying its construction (as above, please do that out of your studying of the textual content alone). How is the argument purported to work? Do you assume that it demonstrates what it units out to show? Why or why not? Be particular. We will likely be discussing St. Thomas’ demonstrations at size on this week’s dialogue.Studying supplies material/enforced/933891-PHIL_101_DEA_5-20SUMR1/LiveWebFiles/InstructionalMaterials-4four.html?d2lSessionVal=LwrbNsxo9fNjH4nTTgqPXrJUd&ou=933891&d2l_body_type=three#lecture3 material/enforced/933891-PHIL_101_DEA_5-20SUMR1/LiveWebFiles/InstructionalMaterials-4four.html?d2lSessionVal=LwrbNsxo9fNjH4nTTgqPXrJUd&ou=933891&d2l_body_type=three#lecture8 material/enforced/933891-PHIL_101_DEA_5-20SUMR1/LiveWebFiles/InstructionalMaterials-4four.html?d2lSessionVal=LwrbNsxo9fNjH4nTTgqPXrJUd&ou=933891&d2l_body_type=three#lecture9 material/enforced/933891-PHIL_101_DEA_5-20SUMR1/LiveWebFiles/InstructionalMaterials-4four.html?d2lSessionVal=LwrbNsxo9fNjH4nTTgqPXrJUd&ou=933891&d2l_body_type=three#lecture10 -research paper writing service
Human Resource Management essay
IDS 402 Milestone Two Tips and RubricAnalyzing an Difficulty or Occasion in Wellness By way of the Lenses of Historical past and the Humanities Overview: For the primary a part of your ultimate challenge, the vital evaluation portfolio, you'll choose a problem or occasion in wellness and critically analyze it by the 4 common schooling lenses: historical past, humanities, pure and utilized sciences, and social sciences. By viewing the difficulty/occasion by these lenses, you'll achieve perception into how the interconnected nature of wellness impacts society, in addition to each your individual particular person framework of notion and the alternatives, attitudes, and behaviors of others on the earth round you. For this second milestone, due in Module 4, you'll analyze your challenge/occasion from Milestone One by the historical past and humanities lenses. It will give you an opportunity to follow analyzing your challenge/occasion by these lenses and obtain suggestions on this follow try. Immediate: First, assessment the overviews and sources in Modules One by Three, in addition to the IDS 4 Common Schooling Lenses doc within the Studying and Sources part of Module One. Subsequent, analyze your challenge/occasion by the lens of historical past, and tackle the next: How does this challenge/occasion work together with the historical past lens and affect social points? In what methods does the historical past lens assist articulate a deeper understanding of the social challenge(s) that inform your challenge/occasion?Subsequent, analyze your challenge/occasion by the lens of the humanities by exploring the next questions: How is that this challenge/occasion portrayed creatively in society? What's the message or commentary of this illustration? How does this illustration work together with you in your private lives?Observe: You're finishing two separate analyses: one from historical past and one from the humanities. It's essential to submit two papers in a single Phrase doc.Be sure you use proof from analysis to assist your evaluation. Confer with course sources, the IDS 402 Analysis LibGuide (linked within the Begin Right here part of your course), and some other pertinent sources to assist your responses. Related present information sources could also be used with teacher approval. Incorporate teacher suggestions into your ultimate challenge. Particularly, the next vital components should be addressed:I. Lens Evaluation: On this part of your project, you'll analyze your challenge/occasion by two of the 4 common schooling lenses. A. Analyze your challenge/occasion by the lens of historical past for figuring out its affect on numerous establishments. Make the most of proof from analysis toassist your evaluation. B. Analyze your challenge/occasion by the lens of the humanities for figuring out its affect on numerous establishments. Make the most of proof from analysisto assist your evaluation.Rubric Tips for Submission: Milestone Two must be submitted as two papers in a single Phrase doc. All the submission must be 2 to four pages in size. Use double-spacing, 12-point Occasions New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Help your responses with a minimum of two sources for every lens from the assigned course sources or different scholarly sources positioned independently through the Shapiro Library. Cite your supporting sources in APA fashion. Please observe that the grading rubric for this milestone submission will not be equivalent to that of the ultimate challenge. The Closing Mission Half One Rubric will embody an extra “Exemplary” class that gives steerage as to how one can go above and past “Proficient” in your ultimate submission, in addition to further components to deal with.Vital Parts Proficient (100%) Wants Enchancment (75%) Not Evident (zero%) WorthLens Evaluation: Historical past Analyzes chosen challenge/occasion by the lens of historical past for figuring out its affect on numerous establishments, utilizing proof and analysis to assist evaluationAnalyzes chosen challenge/occasion by the lens of historical past, however evaluation is cursory or illogical, or supporting proof is inappropriate or nonexistentDoesn't analyze chosen challenge/occasion by the lens of historical past40Lens Evaluation: Humanities Analyzes chosen challenge/occasion by the lens of the humanities for figuring out its affect on numerous establishments, utilizing proof and analysis to assist evaluationAnalyzes chosen challenge/occasion by the lens of the humanities, however evaluation is cursory or illogical, or supporting proof is inappropriate or nonexistentDoesn't analyze chosen challenge/occasion by the lens of the humanities40Articulation of Response Submission has no main errors associated to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or groupSubmission has main errors associated to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or group that negatively affect readability and articulation of primary conceptsSubmission has vital errors associated to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or group that forestall understanding of concepts20Complete 100% -research paper writing service
Week 5 Mood essay
Temper/Character/Willingness to Assist-optional Class, Instructor What's the relationship between temper and persona on one hand and willingness to assist?Utilizing social trade or fairness concept, what are the weather that have an effect on our willingness to remain in a relationship? Clarify how these parts have an effect on our selections. This was the subjectRe: Subject 5 DQ 2 Teacher Yoder and Class, Social trade concept is predicated on the concept how individuals really feel a few relationship will depend on their assessments of its prices and rewards. Fairness concept is the concept persons are motivated to pursue equity, or fairness, of their relationships. A relationship is taken into account equitable when the advantages are proportionate to the trouble each individuals put into it. One component that impacts our selections about relationships contemplating the trade concept can be the comparability stage we've, that is the expectations we anticipate to get out of the connection. There may be additionally the comparability stage for options which is the expectations we really feel we may get out of an alternate relationship. Mainly, if one has excessive expectations the accomplice within the relationship both meets these necessities or we glance to the place we will discover them. One other manner our selections are impacted might be thought-about via the fairness concept our textual content notes that collectivist cultures, the place the group quite than the person is valued, there are good causes to suspect that fairness is not so generally the objective. In any such relationship, typically the imbalance is most well-liked (Gilovich et al., 2016). All in all, it comes all the way down to what the expectations are in a relationship are. In each theories there are expectations of both price and reward, or the expectation of equality. Paige S. -research paper writing service

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