Sm 2 Disc 1 essay
SMN 2- Disc 1 The student will post one thread of at least 400 words (100 words per question) in the assigned Module: For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least 4 different scholarly citations in current APA format. All sources cited must have been published within the last five years unless the student is citing classic or historical theoretical information. Acceptable sources include the course textbook, scholarly peer-reviewed sources, and/or the Bible, in current APA format. Do not use direct quotes. The power of vision, strategy, and talent (Links to an external site.) watch this video and watch the video (Aguinis, 2019). Once you have finished watching the video you will write your response to the following questions: 1. Why was a compelling vision important to Ford's turnaround? 2. How was the vision related to the company's issues? 3. Is having a vision in and of itself sufficient? Why or Why not? 4. From a Christian worldview perspective what is the importance of having a vision in your work environment and also in your personal life? -research paper writing service