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Web pageMs. Thilini SeevakireedamInhabitants Progress ProjectWhats up Everybody,Right here is your Inhabitants Progress Project for Unit 5.Select ONE theorist from the record under and conduct some analysis about them.Please reply the hooked up questions to your theorist and make 1-2 Powerpoint/Google Slides/Prezi slides about your theorist.Please remember to reference your data! PLEASE USE MLA FORMAT!Record of Theorists:· Samuel P. Huntington· Julian Simon· Alvin Toffler· Karl Marx· David Suzuki· Kofi Annan· James LovelockGuiding Questions To Be Answered:1. What is that this individual greatest recognized for?2. Is that this individual pro-natalist or anti-natalist?three. How would this individual take care of inhabitants progress?four. How can this individual’s concepts be carried out in right now’s society?Due Date: MONDAY, MAY 31ST 2021 @ 12:00AM (MIDNIGHT)!Complete Marks: /16 Marks CompleteInhabitants Progress Project RubricDegree 1Degree 2Degree threeDegree fourAnalysisRestricted concepts; no supporting particulars.Some concepts; some supporting particulars.Good concepts; plenty of supporting particulars.Glorious concepts; a number of supporting particulars.GroupAnalysis and arrange data successfully. Data is in sequence and is sensibleNo/little group of concepts.Some group of concepts.Good group of concepts.Glorious group of concepts.Content material InformationPupil can display their understandingLittle understanding of the subject.Passable understanding of the subject.Good understanding of the subject.Glorious understanding of the subject.Presentation of DataPupil have put effort and time into creating an interesting and informative presentationLittle/no effort put into making a artistic and informative presentation.Some effort put into making a artistic and informative presentation.Clear college students have put a variety of effort into making a artistic and informative presentation.College students have gone above and past to make a artistic and informative presentation.-research paper writing service