Self-reflection and leadership development plan

Please read the file carefully, I need a teacher to do exactly everything in the file ( Maximum 5 pages double spaced)


Part of the assignment is : (for complete information read the file )

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator:


  1. Describe your results on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Leader’s Self-Insight 4.5).
    1. Do you believe the description fits your personality?
    2. Why or why not?
  2. Why do you think “Thinking and Judging” are the two characteristics from the MBTI that seem to be most strongly associated with effective leadership?


Emotional and Hospitality Intelligences: (you may reference and use Danny Meyer Setting the Table and/or Isadore Sharp Four Seasons).


  1. Which of the elements of EI do you consider to be the most important in becoming a good leader and why? Defend your answer using the course material.
  2. Based on the Leader’s Self-Insight 5.2, discuss how you would continue to develop your most dominant component towards becoming an effective leader.
  3. Based on the Leader’s Self-Insight 5.2, discuss how you would develop your lowest scoring component towards becoming an effective leader.
  4. In your own words, create a definition for the term “Hospitality Intelligence”.
    1. What should the term include? To whom should it apply?


Listening and Communication:


  1. Consider your score on the Listening Self-Inventory (Leader’s Self-Insight 9.2). What do your results say about your effectiveness as a listener?
  2. Describe five ways leaders can improve their listening skills and, therefore, their leadership effectiveness.
  3. Consider your score on the Communication Apprehension Self-Inventory (Leader’s Self-Insight 9.3). What do your results say about your level of apprehension in each of the following situations: public speaking, meetings, group discussion and interpersonal conversations?


Leadership Development Plan:


For this section of your project, you will develop a plan to improve your leadership potential in the coming years of your life.


  1. Create 3 goals for your professional development / leadership for the next year. Describe why you chose these goals
  2. Prepare a detailed plan of specific steps that you will take to achieve each of the three goals. This plan needs to include a detailed time-frame. Each goal should have at least two specific actions you will take to achieve the goal.
    1. Your three goals may be presented in a chart form.



  1. In a paragraph, summarize what you have learned from this experience, making reference to the course material.




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