impacts of the War on Terror on the Policing of US Borders

“Some nations need to be more vigilant against terrorism at their borders if they want their relationship with the U.S. to remain the same” (Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, September 20th 2001). With reference to this statement, critically examine the impacts of the war on terror on the policing of the borders of the […]

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National security Essay

After the occurrence of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush signed a law, the PATRIOT Act. The PATRIOT Act made it easier for the law enforcement officials to use certain techniques such as wiretapping and other surveillance technologies to aid in the war against terrorism. The reason why this topic […]

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Information Security

Introduction The requirements of information security with in an organization have undergone major changes in the past and present times. In the earlier times physical means is used to provide security to data. With the advent of computers in every field, the need for software tools for protecting files and other information stored on the […]

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Data leakage

Data leakage is the “unauthorized or unintentional exposure, disclosure, or loss of sensitive information” (GAO, 2007, p.2). Many businesses have in their control sensitive data about their organisation, employees and customers. The Information Commissioner (ICO) in a recent press statement (ICO,2010) is alarmed with the “unacceptable” number of data leakages within the modern world and […]

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Proprietary vs Contract Security Essay

Security Many types of security are in existents today, site or mobile patrol; loss prevention functions; special events security; in-house security functions and private investigations are some of the tasks. Choosing the right one for the needs of any establishment should be one of the ultimate goals of the business. This paper will focus on […]

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Human Security Essay

The article aims at bringing the important issue of Human Security to the forefront. It focuses on the urgent need to understand the concept of human security, and to develop the proposals for translating these ideas into policy practice. An attempt has been made to clarify and correlate the terms ‘human development’ and ‘human security’. […]

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Choicepoint Data Breach Essay

Abstract The ChoicePoint data breach occurred in 2005. This insider data breach brought to light how a company can still be vulnerable to having data stolen from its databases even without any type of hacking of their system. By not properly vetting request for new accounts and request for information led to the theft of […]

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All-in-One Computer Security Systems Essay

All-in-one Computer Security Systems CIS/105 Some of the different programs that I choose to use as all-in-one security that has total protection are Norton Internet Security and McAfee has an exclusive active protection technology that analyzes and blocks threats in milliseconds. McAfee can immediately detect and remove viruses, even root kits, adware, spyware, and blocks. […]

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