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Module 1 Dialogue Have you ever ever taken half in a ritual that marks an vital occasion in a gaggle that you've belonged to – previous or current? Describe the ritual after which talk about the significance of it and what it means to you. Module 2 Dialogue Choose an artifact that expresses some facet of a gaggle you belong to. What makes it vital? In what methods have you ever (or others) used or displayed this object that illustrates its significance? Module three Dialogue Select a fairy story apart from Cinderella, and determine the precise traits, conventions, motifs, and theme that may be present in it. Module four Dialogue Determine a ballad and supply background details about what sort of ballad it's (work track, non secular, and so on.), the place it got here from, and the which means behind it. You should definitely embrace a number of of its verses. Module 5 Dialogue Find and skim a fable. Summarize the story and determine its ethical. Clarify how this story and its ethical are nonetheless related in today’s society. Module 6 Dialogue Examine and distinction myths and pourquoi tales. Module 7 Dialogue First, describe the 2 approaches to fieldwork – remark and participant-observer. Then clarify which strategy you'll use and why. Module eight Dialogue Class: To obtain credit score for the QEP Task, you MUST submit your Displays to the Dropbox. Merely posting them right here will NOT rely. Evaluation a number of of your fellow classmates' Displays. Taking in account the grading rubric for this project, put up a substantive evaluation of no less than two different classmates' Cinderella Displays. Be sure to evaluation somebody's who hasn't been reviewed but.