Saint GBA334 module 5 homework
Drawback 7-14 Graphical Answer:The Electorcomp Company manufactures two electrical merchandise: air conditioners and enormous followers. The meeting course of for every is analogous in that each require a specific amount of wiring and drilling, Every air conditioner takes three hours of wiring and a couple of hours of drilling, Every fan should undergo 2 hours of wiring and 1 hour of drilling, Through the subsequent manufacturing interval, 240 hours of wiring time are out there and as much as 140 hours of drilling time could also be used. Every air conditioner bought yields a revenue or $25. Every fan assembled could also be bought for a $10 revenue. Formulate and remedy this LP manufacturing combine scenario to seek out the greatest mixture of air conditioners and followers that yields the best revenue. Use the nook level graphical strategy. Drawback 7-17 The Outside Furnishings Company manufactures two merchandise, benches and picnic tables, to be used in yards and parks. The agency has two major assets: its carpenters (labor power) and provide of redwood to be used within the furnishings .Through the subsequent manufacturing cycle, 1,200 hours of labor can be found beneath a union settlement. The agency additionally has a inventory of three,500 toes of good-quality redwood. Every bench that Outside Furnishings produces requires four labor hours and 10 toes of redwood; every picnic desk takes 6 labor hours and 35 toes of redwood. Accomplished benches will yield a revenue of $9 every. And tables will lead to a revenue of $20 every. What number of benches and tables ought to Outside Furnishings produce to acquire the biggest doable revenue? Use the graphical LP strategy. 7-20 A winner of the Texas Lotto has determined to make investments $50,000 per 12 months within the inventory market. Into consideration are shares for a petrochemical agency and a public utility. Though a long-range purpose is to get the best doable return, some consideration is given to the danger concerned with the shares. A danger index on a scale of 1–10 (with 10 being probably the most dangerous) is assigned to every of the 2 shares. The whole danger of the portfolio is discovered by multiplying the danger of every inventory by the dollars invested in that inventory. The next desk supplies a abstract of the return and danger: Inventory Estimated Return Danger Index Petrochemical 12% 9 Utility 6% four The investor wish to maximize the return on the funding, however the common danger index of the funding shouldn't be larger than 6. How a lot ought to be invested in every inventory? What's the common danger for this funding? What's the estimated return for this funding? Let X1 = the variety of dollars invested in petrochemical shares X2 = the variety of dollars invested in utility shares 7-24 The inventory brokerage agency of Clean, Leibowitz, and Weinberger has analyzed and really helpful two shares to an investors’ membership of faculty professors. The professors had been all in favour of elements resembling quick time period progress, intermediate progress, and dividend charges. These information on every inventory are as follows: Inventory Issue Louisiana Gasoline and Energy Trimex Insulation Firm Brief time period progress potential, per greenback invested .36 .24 Intermediate progress potential (over subsequent three years), per greenback invested 1.67 1.5 Dividend price potential four% eight% Every member of the membership has an funding purpose of (1) an appreciation of at least $720 within the quick time period, (2) an appreciation of at least $5,000 within the subsequent three years, and (three) a dividend revenue of at the very least $200 per 12 months. What's the smallest funding professor could make to meet these three objectives?