Saint COm530 quiz 3 module 8
Query 1.1.What ought to an organization contemplate putting in on the community perimeter to stop direct connections between the interior community and the Web to assist defend its knowledge warehouses and worker privateness?(Factors : four) router VPN server ICMP monitor proxy serverQuestion 2.2.The Cisco PIX line of merchandise is greatest described as which of the next? (Factors : four) software program firewall PC with firewall put in firewall equipment VPN gatewayQuestion three.three.Which of the next is a typical disadvantage of a free firewall program? (Factors : four) can not monitor site visitors in actual time oversimplified configuration have centralized administration dearer than firewallsQuestion four.four.Which of the next is a bonus of firewalls? (Factors : four) not scalable in comparison with software program firewalls not depending on a standard OS inexpensive than software program firewalls straightforward to patchQuestion 5.5.What are the 2 normal ports utilized by FTP together with their operate? (Factors : four) UDP 23 management, TCP 20 knowledge UDP 20 knowledge, TCP 21 management TCP 21 management, TCP 20 knowledge TCP 23 knowledge, TCP 21 controlQuestion 6.6.Which of the next is true about non-public IP addresses? (Factors : four) they're assigned by the IANA they aren't routable on the Web they're focused by attackers NAT was designed to preserve themQuestion 7.7.Which kind of safety gadget can velocity up Internet web page retrieval and protect hosts on the interior community? (Factors : four) caching firewall proxy server caching-only DNS server DMZ intermediaryQuestion eight.eight.Which of the next is true a few dual-homed host? (Factors : four) serves as a single level of entry to the community its foremost goal is to cease worms and viruses makes use of a single NIC to handle two community connections it's used as a distant entry server in some configurationsQuestion 9.9.Which kind of translation must you use if you happen to want 50 computer systems within the company community to have the ability to entry the Web utilizing a single public IP handle? (Factors : four) one-to-one NAT port handle translation one-to-many NAT DMZ proxy translationQuestion 10.10.Which of the next is an obstacle of utilizing a proxy server? (Factors : four) shields inside host IP addresses slows Internet web page entry could require consumer configuration cannot filter based mostly on packet contentQuestion 11.11.Which of the next is a sort of VPN connection? (Factors : four) site-to-server client-to-site server-to-client distant gatewayQuestion 12.12.Which of the next is NOT an element a safe VPN design ought to handle? (Factors : four) encryption authentication nonrepudiation performanceQuestion 13.13.Which IPsec element authenticates TCP/IP packets to make sure knowledge integrity? (Factors : four) AH ESP IKE ISAKMPQuestion 14.14.Which of the next is NOT a necessary aspect of a VPN? (Factors : four) VPN server tunnel VPN consumer authentication serverQuestion 15.15.Which of the next is NOT true a few VPN? (Factors : four) needs to be the primary alternative for fast-growing networks can deal with extra site visitors than software program VPNs have extra safety vulnerabilities than software program VPNs create a gateway-to-gateway VPNQuestion 16.16.Which of the next is true concerning the Web? (Factors : four) it's the similar because the World Extensive Internet it was established within the mid-1960s it was developed by a community of banks and companies it was initially constructed on an prolonged star topologyQuestion 17.17.Which of the next is a extremely safe public facility wherein backbones have interconnected knowledge strains and routers that alternate routing and site visitors knowledge? (Factors : four) ISP POP NAP NSFQuestion 18.18.What makes IP spoofing potential for computer systems on the Web? (Factors : four) community handle translation the shortage of authentication the 32-bit handle house the DNS hierarchyQuestion 19.19.What sort of assault shows false data masquerading as official knowledge? (Factors : four) Java applet phishing buffer overflow SQL injectionQuestion 20.20.Which of the next greatest describes ROI? (Factors : four) the possibility that a menace will end in misplaced cash how lengthy earlier than an funding can pay for itself the price of mitigating a menace the advantages of setting safety prioritiesQuestion 21.21.What is taken into account step one in formulating a safety coverage? (Factors : four) danger evaluation elimination of threats danger discount system monitoringQuestion 22.22.Which of the next greatest describes a Monte Carlo simulation? (Factors : four) a way for simulating an assault on a system a components that estimates the price of countermeasures a procedural system that simulates a disaster an analytical technique that simulates a real-life system for danger analysisQuestion 23.23.Which of the next is a security-related motive for monitoring and evaluating community site visitors? (Factors : four) to find out in case your IDPS signatures are working properly to create substantial knowledge to research to optimize your router and change protocols to see what number of recordsdata workers obtain type the InternetQuestion 24.24.Which of the next is NOT sometimes a facet of a safety occasion administration program? (Factors : four) monitoring occasions managing IDPS firmware managing knowledge from sensors managing changeQuestion 25.25.What ought to an out of doors auditing agency be requested to signal earlier than conducting a safety audit? (Factors : four) subpoena nondisclosure settlement search and seizure contract social engineering covenant